Beauty Regulations in Africa

The beauty industry in Africa is mostly unregulated. Many countries don’t have laws for licenses, while a few only have strict rules. Like many places in the world, aspiring beauticians can provide services even after finishing high school. Obtaining professional skills is more important than focusing on educational attainment in these places.

Here, you’ll know the beauty industry’s market status and forecast in Africa, the benefits of professional training and how to become a beautician in this area.

For reference on the beauty regulations of the countries in Africa, please see the list below:

Africa’s Beauty Industry and Its Forecasted Growth

A global market report on professional beauty services shows that there will be a 4.8% compound annual growth rate or CAGR from 2021 to 2031. The projected increase in this 10-year period is the result of the growing hair highlight trends, evolving lifestyles and increasing urbanisation.

Another report states that the emphasis on personal grooming in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East is rising, which is a major factor in the market growth for the period 2023-2032. The presence of luxury salon chains in major places in these regions also affects the promising growth.

Professional Beauty Training

Entering the beauty industry requires knowledge and skills. Despite the lack of regulations for practising beauticians in many African countries, it is highly recommended to get professionally trained. Here are the major reasons why beauty training is important:

Practical Experience

Training courses allow students to have a real-world experience during their study. Part of the curriculum usually is earning hours for practical training that helps improve a student’s skills with real clients.

Skilled Teachers

Trainers in beauty courses are professionals in the industry. They have the experience, skills and knowledge that students can learn from.

Access to Modern Technology

Easy access to modern equipment and facilities is available for students who opt for in-class training. They will learn in a salon-like environment, allowing them to get used to the atmosphere while still doing training.

How to Become a Successful Beauty Expert in Africa

Know Your Interest

Finding your passion and pursuing your interests are the first steps you need to take to be a successful beautician. The beauty industry is huge, and it’s helpful if you know the field of interest you should pursue. If you’re into lashes, taking a lash extension or perming course might be a good start.

Enrol in a Beauty Course

The next step is to take a training course to learn the trends and techniques of your chosen industry. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience practical training and see how you perform. Just remember to check out the curriculum of the course first before enrolling.

Earn a Certificate

Successful course completion allows you to get a certificate. This serves as evidence of your training and increases your credibility as a beautician. Clients and employers are attracted to professionals with qualifications, such as a certificate.