Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is another country in Africa that doesn’t have laws for beauty licenses. Practitioners are only expected to get skilled and become excellent in their crafts.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Central African Republic

Nail Technician

The Central African Republic doesn’t require nail technicians any form of qualifications. Practitioners must have the skills, however, to offer the best services.


Barbers are unregulated as well and able to perform men’s grooming services without a license. The country only wants them to master the necessary skills.

Waxing Technician / Spray Tanning Technician / Facialist / Lash Technician

Waxing, spray tanning, facials and lashes are services offered by a beauty specialist. A license, however, is not required to obtain in the country for practitioners.


A hairdressing certificate is optional for practitioners. They can learn the skills through experience or formal training by a course provider.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists can be certified or not to earn in the country. They should learn professional skills, however, before they can enter the makeup industry.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are able to practise as professionals without qualifications. They only need to master massage skills to satisfy client demands.