Comoros is free of licensing requirements for professionals in the beauty industry. It only encourages aspirants and practitioners to obtain the proper skills for various beauty services.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Comoros


Barbers are able to perform men’s grooming procedures on clients without a license. They only need to learn and master the necessary skills to succeed.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are not required any qualifications to become recognised professionals in Comoros. The country only wants the right skills from practitioners to provide beauty services.


Hairstylists have no qualifications to offer professional practice in the country. They should, however, have the proper knowledge and skills in hair services.

Spray Tanning Technician / Lash Technician / Facialist / Waxing Technician

These services can be offered under one license, cosmetology or esthetics. Since a beauty license is not implemented, anyone with skills in any of these services can practise professionally.

Massage Therapist

High school graduates and professionals with higher educational attainment can become massage therapists. Skills are more important in providing services in this industry.

Nail Technician

Nail techs don’t have regulations to follow in Comoros. They don’t need a license to offer massage treatments to clients.