United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) only has strict regulations for individuals practising therapeutic massage among its many beauticians. Aspirants interested in nails, hair and skin care are free of any certifications or licenses.

Regulated Beauty Service in the United Arab Emirates:

Regulated Beauty Service in the United Arab Emirates

Massage Therapist

Although massage therapy in beauty is generally for relaxation and beautification, the UAE treats this profession as part of the medical field. Based on their law, aspirants must get certified by a recognised course provider and then pass the traditional, complementary and alternative medical exam for the license. The examination is conducted by the Ministry of Health. Further details about the requirements are given here:


Non-Regulated Beauty Services in the United Arab Emirates


Hairstylists can be practitioners with high school education or who are college graduates. They are only encouraged to develop the skills ideal for success in the industry.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians are also free of requirements for practice in the country. Skills are what practitioners should enhance to give the best services.


Barbers can get their dream careers in barbering even after completing high school. They are not regulated and are welcome to enhance their professional skills through experience.

Waxing Technician / Spray Tanning Technician / Facialist / Lash Technician

These skills are typically what cosmetologists possess. Cosmetologists are trained in different areas of beauty and are licensed in many countries. In the UAE, however, practitioners without formal training can become cosmetologists as long as they are skilled.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists may be certified practitioners or not in the country. They can start giving services if they are skilled and knowledgeable about the makeup industry.