South Australia

South Australia (SA) is one state in Australia that regulates its barbering and hairdressing services. Hair aspirants need to comply with the requirements set by the state to legally perform on clients. Other beauty services, like nail and lash procedures, can be quickly explored by individuals without the need for any license.

Regulated Beauty Services in South Australia:

Regulated Beauty Services in South Australia

Barber / Hairstylist

Based on the Hairdressers Regulations 2016 of SA, aspiring barbers and hairdressers must have Certificates III in Barbering and Hairdressing, repectively, to qualify for legal practice in the state. This means getting certified by any registered training organisation upon course completion.

For aspirants who don’t have the qualification requirements, they are required to apply for recognition. This means getting a business license to operate as a hairdresser or barber in the state.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in South Australia

Makeup Artist

No formal qualifications are required for makeup artists in Australia. Aspirants in the state can practise and get skilled through experience or take makeup training from any course provider. Many online programs are available to give students more convenience in studying makeup.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are also not regulated in SA and the rest of the country. Individuals can provide relaxation massages to people even without proper training qualifications.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians can also enjoy a license-free industry in the state. Australia is not asking for
mandatory training from aspiring nail specialists.

Spray Tanning Technician / Facialist / Lash Technician / Waxing Technician

These services are all under the scope of a beauty therapist, who is not regulated in the country. There are no certifications required from aspirants to legally work as professionals.