Most states in Australia have no laws for licensing practising beauty professionals, including Victoria (VIC). The state doesn’t ask beauty practitioners for a license or any form of qualification to make them recognised professionals.

However, practitioners, especially those who are planning to build their own salons, must comply with the health and business regulations in VIC. The beauty industry is regulated under personal care services, and the guidelines talk about infection control and other health-related rules.

Cities or places in the state may also have their own business or health and safety rules. In Monash, for example, a business permit must be processed and approved by the Council. Geelong requires home salons to be registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act. Practitioners are always advised to check with their local government for specific laws relating to beauty.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Victoria

Lash Technician / Waxing Technician / Facialist / Spray Tanning Technician

Beauty therapists with various skills in the industry are not required to have any license in the state. The Hair and Beauty Australia Industry Association highlights that the entire country doesn’t require registration or licensing.

Nail Technician

Nail techs are also not required to secure professional licenses by the local government. VIC allows skilled individuals without certifications to earn professionally.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are free of licenses in the state and are not required qualifications to practise. Aspirants are expected to learn and enhance their skills before they can offer relaxation services.

Barber / Hairstylist

Barbers and hairstylists are not regulated, just like the other professions in the industry as well. They don’t need to be licensed in the state and can practise professionally once they are skilled.

Makeup Artist

Formal qualifications are not required for makeup artists to practise. Skills are the minimum requirement to become a professional in the industry.