In Manitoba, there are 9 compulsory trade skills, which include hairstylists, estheticians and electrologists for the beauty industry. Compulsory trade skills require aspirants to have a valid Certificate of Qualification or be registered apprentices to work in the province.

Training for compulsory trades must be done in any of the accredited programs:

These lists of beauty services contain regulated and non-regulated trade skills that are discussed in detail:

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Manitoba, Canada:

Regulated Trade Skills in Manitoba, Canada

Nail Technician

Nail technicians are a sub-trade of estheticians. They offer manicuring, pedicuring and artificial nail applications and must complete 1,000-hour training.

Skin Care Technician (Facialist / Makeup Artist / Waxing Technician / Lash Technician)

Skin care technicians are another sub-trade of estheticians. They perform lash and brow tinting, depilatory hair removal, makeup, facials and body treatments. Students in this sub-trade must complete 1,100 training hours.

For the full guide on the regulations for becoming an esthetician, here’s the link to the law:


Hairstylists have multiple tasks, such as hair trimming, cutting, shaving, straightening, relaxing, curling, waving, styling and colouring. Training for this trade consists of two levels, where each requires 1,500 hours (3,000 hours in total).

Here’s the link to the full regulation of hairstylists in the province:

Non-Regulated Trade Skills in Manitoba, Canada

Spray Tanning Techniciann

Spray tanning technicians are not regulated in Manitoba. Aspirants are free to choose the training they want for this trade, whether online or in person.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are also another trade skill in the province that’s not regulated. They currently have no legal Act to follow, but the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba is working on making massage therapy in the province regulated under the Regulated Health Professions Act. At the moment, aspirants can learn massage from various training providers online or in class across the globe.