New Brunswick

New Brunswick has the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick (CANB) as the regulatory body for cosmetology and beauty services. The CANB requires that aspiring cosmetologists should apply to the executive director and must be approved to be registered members of the association.

Students’ training must also be done at any licensed school with licensed instructors. Not only that, the association also highlights that they don’t accept online training for beauty services listed on their website, which they consider under cosmetology.

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Here’s a list of regulated and non-regulated cosmetology services in New Brunswick, which are also discussed in detail in the next sections:

Non-Regulated Beauty Service in New Brunswick, Canada:

Regulated Trade Skills in New Brunswick, Canada

Here’s the complete guide for the by-laws of regulated cosmetology services in the province:

Hairstylist / Technical Cutting Stylist

Hairstylists in New Brunswick perform short and long hair styling, haircutting, hair colouring, permanent waving, artificial hairpiece services and more. They are expected to complete training hours of 1,600.

Technical cutting stylists perform fewer hair services than hairstylists. They offer shampooing, scalp treatments, haircutting, artificial hairpiece services and blow drying and must complete 1,000 hours of training.

Aesthetician / Facialist / Massage Therapist

Aestheticians cover a broader scope of beauty services. They provide facials, manicuring, pedicuring, depilatories, makeup, massage and even nutrition. Training hours required are 1,300.

Although there are specific licenses for some services offered by aestheticians, getting an aesthetician license is best for students interested in learning many skills.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians in the province focus on performing manicuring and pedicuring and should complete 350 hours of training.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists in New Brunswick perform day, evening, corrective, bridal and editorial makeup and false lash applications. Training requires 300 hours to complete.

Lash & Brow Technician

Lash & brow techs offer different lash & brow treatments, such as lash extensions, tinting, perming and brow tinting. Students need to complete 300-hour training to qualify for the examination.

Depilatory Technician / Waxing Technician

Depilatory technicians are professionals who provide hair removal services, such as waxing. Parts of the body that waxing techs cover are the bikini area, underarms, brows, face, chin, cheeks, lip area, arms and legs. Students must finish 300 hours of training as a requirement for licensing.

Non-Regulated Trade Skill in New Brunswick, Canada

Spray Tanning Technician

Spray tanning doesn’t have licensing regulations in New Brunswick. Learning online or in class from any local or international training provider is acceptable.