Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories only has 54 designated trade skills, and only hairstylists are included among the beauty services. Technical training for most of these trades is done in Alberta, and the length of the training varies per trade.

Here’s a quick view of the beauty services you can explore and offer in the province:

Regulated Beauty Services in Northwest Territories, Canada:

Regulated Trade Skill in Northwest Territories, Canada


Hairstylists must get into an apprenticeship program to become a journeyperson in Northwest Territories. Interested individuals must pass the trade entrance examination as a minimum educational requirement. Designated trades are categorised into three, and hairstylists belong to Category A. More information about the examination is detailed here:

Apprentices should have at least a 70% passing grade for the entrance examination before attending the training and signing the apprenticeship contract. This trade requires 3,600 hours of training with two periods of on-the-job learning and two periods of technical education. Each period has 1,800 hours. Further details about the training are stated here:

Hairstylists in the province can also take the Red Seal exam and get the chance to work anywhere in Canada once they pass.

Non-Regulated Trade Skills in Northwest Territories, Canada

Nail Technician

Nail technicians cut, trim, shape and beautify nails in the feet and hands. They also provide light massages to these areas to help clients relax and make the hands and feet look more beautiful. Because this trade is not regulated in the province, offered training classes online or anywhere is acceptable.

Lash Technician

Lash technicians tint, perm and apply extensions to the natural lashes and offer brow tinting and perming. With licensing regulations not yet set in the province, lash techs can train online or in class.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists can work in several industries, such as TV, film, fashion and theatre. They have multiple skills as makeup is very flexible. They can offer bridal, evening, editorial, special effects, fashion makeup and more.

Waxing Technician

Waxing technicians offer hair removal services and usually provide hot and cold wax. They use various techniques in an area of the body to achieve smooth and beautiful results.


Facialists or skin care experts provide beauty and relaxation services, such as facials, peels and facial massages. They also give helpful tips on how to maintain healthy skin.

Spray Tanning Technician

Spray tanning technicians apply the tan to clients using an airbrush device. No licensing regulations are available in the province for them, so getting online courses from international providers is acceptable.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists work on alleviating pain and tension in an area or some areas of the body depending on the condition of a client. They apply gentle pressure to the affected area/s to help ease body aches.

Based on the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, massage therapy is only regulated in some provinces in the country. Northwest Territories has no licensing laws for it yet.