In the province of Quebec, beauty services are not regulated. Hairstylists and estheticians are listed under voluntary trades, which means they are not regulated or don’t need to secure a Certificate of Qualification to work in the trades.

Individuals interested in trades with compulsory qualifications must become qualified to practice in their trades. This means becoming a certified or licensed journeyperson in the province. They must enrol in an apprenticeship program, create an agreement with an employer for the apprenticeship and then take and pass the examination to get the Certificate of Qualification.

More information about the steps to become a journeyperson in Quebec is available here:

Because the province doesn’t have strict laws for beauticians, aspirants have the option to study and get skills in the different beauty services from any training provider. International training is acceptable.

Nail Technician

The main role of a nail tech is to perform different nail procedures, such as manicuring, pedicuring and the application and removal of nail enhancements or artificial nails. Nail techs also provide light hand and foot massages or spas for the best nail treatment or enhancement results.

Lash Technician

Lash techs are usually skilled with lash and brow procedures. They perform lash extensions, perming and tinting and brow perming and tinting. They are also expected to have steady hands and pay close attention to detail as these are key to get the best results.

Although lash techs are not regulated in the province, interested individuals can register as a member of the National Association of Lash Artists, an international group that sets regulations for lash artists in many countries.

Waxing Technician

Waxing technicians typically provide hot and wax treatments to remove hair. They are skilled to remove hair in different parts of the body while making the skin feel smooth. Many lash techs learn brow waxing as this service is also in demand for lash and brow clients.


Facialists are skin care experts and perform beauty and relaxation treatments for clients. They offer facial massages, apply facial masks, do peeling procedures and more.

Spray Tanning Technician

This is getting more popular in the beauty industry nowadays as spray tanning is considered “safer” than tanning beds primarily because it doesn’t have risks for UV exposure damage. Salons use an airbrush device to apply the tan to the skin, and clients can enjoy their darker colour in just a few minutes.

Makeup Artist

Makeup has different styles, such as evening, day, bridal, special effects and editorial makeup. This is why makeup artists are considered versatile professionals. They can work in different industries like film, fashion and TV. They are also knowledgeable about the various makeup products and which works best for a style or occasion.


In many provinces in Canada, hairstylists are usually regulated but not in Quebec. They are listed with a voluntary qualification, allowing aspirants to choose where they want to get their training. Hairstylists perform cutting, trimming, shaving, styling of the hair, scalp treatments and more

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are professionals who perform relaxation techniques by kneading and rubbing the body’s soft tissues. They perform various techniques on different parts of the body to alleviate muscle pain and tension.