Interested beauty aspirants in Albania don’t need to comply with licensing requirements as the country is unregulated. Anyone skilled in beauty services can serve clients and earn.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Albania

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists can be high school graduates or those with higher educational attainment. Albania doesn’t have licensing laws for this profession. Practitioners only need the appropriate skills.

Lash Technician / Spray Tanning Technician / Facialist / Waxing Technician / Makeup Artist

Lash, spray tanning, facial, waxing and makeup services are areas of cosmetology or esthetics. They can also have individual licenses, but Albania is an unregulated country, so a license is not mandatory.

Nail Technician

Nail specialists are also free of rules for licensing. Practitioners can provide nail services even if they are only high school graduates. Certified nail techs, however, can earn higher than non-certified professionals.


Barbers are also able to enjoy lots of opportunities in barbering without needing any license. As long as they are skilled in their crafts, they are ready to serve clients.


Hairstylists can provide services to the public with or without professional certifications. High school graduates, however, are typically charged less than certified practitioners.