Beauty Regulations in Middle East

Countries in the Middle East are mostly not strict with or have no licensing laws for beauty practitioners. This gives interested individuals in the beauty industry a quicker and easier way to become the most reputable beauticians. Also, the lack of regulations allows aspirants the freedom to get trained at any beauty school they want.

To guide you in becoming a professional beautician in this region, we will talk about the salon market size in the Middle East, the benefits of beauty training and how you can begin a career in the industry.

For a quick access on the regulations in different countries in the Middle East, check out the list below:

Salon Market Size in the Middle East

Salon services in the Middle East, and the rest of the world, continue to grow as a promising industry. The global market compound annual growth rate, as reported, is expected to have a 7.46% increase for the period 2023-2032. This only means that having a career in beauty is a great choice nowadays as the industry has a lot of opportunities for practitioners.

The Middle East specifically expects to witness significant growth in the following years as demands for beauty services and consumer awareness grow. Hair, nail and skincare services are the most common treatments salons offer. These procedures are what training providers focus on teaching students to ensure aspirants are equipped with the necessary skills.

The Importance of Getting Professionally Trained

Beauty training is highly recommended despite not having regulations for the industry in this region. Trained individuals are always at an advantage over those who learn from experience.

The following are benefits you should consider in taking a beauty course:

Guidance from Professionals

Teachers in training are professional beauticians with years of experience and great skills. They are equipped to teach you everything about beauty and how to succeed in building your own business. They serve as your guide towards success.

Practical Skills Training

Enrolling in a course also gives you the chance to have practical training. Most programs focus on the practical aspect of the training to ensure you master the best techniques. Not only that, you get to experience serving real clients during training.

Access to Modern Salon Technology

Beauty schools keep up with the latest technology in salons, so students have the opportunity to use modern equipment. This allows them to get used to salon technology and know the best techniques for utilising it.

How to Become a Beauty Practitioner in the Middle East

Choose an Industry

The beauty industry is divided into a few major categories: hair, nail and skincare. You may want to narrow down your options and start with a focused sector, such as hair. But the beauty industry is a very flexible area, you can always begin with a bigger scope and start from there. A beauty therapy program has all the skills you need for hair, nails and skincare. This is the best option to choose if you want to master multiple skills.

Enrol in a Program

Once you know where to start, it’s time you choose a beauty program. Check the curriculum of your chosen course to ensure you understand what you’ll learn. Comprehensive curriculums are great choices as these typically have all the topics you should know and master.

Complete the Course and Get Certified

Enrolling in a beauty course is only a part of the first step in your career journey. You must finish the course to get your certificate. Certifications are important in getting a license or applying for a salon job.