New Zealand Beauty Regulations

New Zealand is a country free of any formal qualification for aspiring beauty therapists. Taking professional training from a recognised institution is optional. It is, however, recommended to get certified or become recognised by the Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation or HITO or the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Therapists.

Our New Zealand Beauty Regulations page allows you to know the recognised certifying bodies and how you can successfully become a skilled beautician.

Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation (HITO)

HITO governs the apprenticeship programs for hair and beauty in New Zealand. Practitioners wanting to be nationally recognised can register with HITO and experience training with standards approved by the government.

The organisation also works with various businesses to support beauty apprentices. Certifications given by HITO are issued by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority or NZQA.

New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Therapists

The association was created by different beauty experts to encourage quality and safe services. Professionals who are members of the group are recognised in the country and able to enjoy other benefits.

Interested individuals can check out their list of accredited schools. These institutions have beauty courses with curricula that meet specific standards. Successful registration with the association allows a practitioner to get employed by salons or spas looking for professionals with recognised qualifications.

How to Become a Beauty Therapist in New Zealand

Despite the lack of licensing laws for beauticians in the country, it’s still ideal to be professionally trained to learn the skills. Below is a standard process on how you can pursue your passion for beauty and earn from it:

Identify Your Field of Interest

Beauty has multiple areas you can focus on. It typically involves services for the hair, skin and nails. If your interest is in nails, you can always get a nail technology or manicure and pedicure course. You can pursue other areas as you continue your journey.

Take a Beauty Course

Again, you are not required to get a nationally recognised beauty program. Many local and even international course providers are now offering high-quality beauty programs you can choose from. What’s more, online courses are getting more popular, especially for learners with busy schedules.

Become a Certified Beautician

Completing a beauty course allows you to gain a certificate you can use in your career. Your certification is proof of your training and skills, which employers look for in employees. It also helps in creating your own business and building your clientele.

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