Mexico has some licensing regulations for many beauty services. This ensures that practitioners are qualified and skilled to work as beauticians with the standards the country sets.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Mexico:

Regulated Beauty Services in Mexico

Hairstylist / Nail Technician / Makeup Artist / Facialist / Lash Technician / Waxing Technician / Spray Tanning Technician

Practitioners in the hair, nail or skincare industries must become licensed cosmetologists to legally earn and work in Mexico. To qualify for the license, they should complete a training program in cosmetology at a recognised institution. Then, they must submit all the needed documents and fees for the license application and must be approved by the concerned authority. Some regions may need an examination before issuing the license.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Mexico


Barbers are not governed by any regulatory body in the country. There are no licenses required to earn and become recognised professionals.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists can start offering relaxation services after high school. Licenses are not required for professional practice in Mexico.