The Alabama Board of Cosmetology & Barbering and the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy are the regulatory agencies for beauty services in the state.

See the following lists for regulated and non-regulated professionals:

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Alabama, USA:

Regulated Beauty Services in Alabama, USA

Class 2 Barber

Barbers in Alabama are classified as classes 1 and 2. Class 1, which the board doesn’t regulate, singes, cuts, cleans or arranges the hair and exercises, stimulates, cleans and massages the neck, face and scalp. Class 2, which the board regulates, shaves or trims the beard, cuts or dresses the hair, offers facial and scalp treatments and more. For a complete list of services for each barber, refer here:

Class 2 barbers must complete 1,000 training hours at a licensed school or 2,000 apprentice hours under a Class 2 licensed barber. The examination shall follow once either of these is complied with the other requirements, such as the age limit and educational background.

Hairstylist / Nail Technician

Hairstylists and nail techs are considered cosmetologists in the state. Cosmetology is a broad scope that includes hair and nail services.

Alabama requires hairstylists and nail techs to complete 1,500 training hours at a licensed beauty school or must finish an apprenticeship with 3,000 work hours supervised by a licensed cosmetologist. Licensing examination takes place once any of these training or apprenticeship hours are met, along with other requirements.

Waxing Technician / Facialist / Makeup Artist

These professions are considered estheticians in the state of Alabama. Like cosmetology, esthetics has a broad scope that covers multiple services.

Estheticians should complete 1,000 training hours at a licensed beauty institution or 2,000 apprenticeship hours under a licensed esthetician’s supervision. They can then proceed to the licensure exam upon completion of any of these hours and other requirements.

Visit this page to know more details about the regulated beauty services in Alabama:

Massage Therapist

As stated by the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy, massage therapists must be licensed by the board. Aspirants should complete 650 training hours at an accredited school and must pass the MBLEx or NCBTMB exam. They are also required to provide evidence of Personal Liability Insurance of $1,000,000 coverage, plus the verification of passing one approved exam and certified transcripts.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Alabama, USA

Lash Technician

Lash techs perform eyelash extensions, brow and lash tinting and lash lifting. In Alabama, this profession is not regulated by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology & Barbering.

The FDA, however, is strict with the products used for tinting and perming and specific regulations for which products are safe and not. The state even bans products with an aniline derivative.

Spray Tanning Technician

Like lash techs, spray tanning techs are not regulated by any board in the state. But the FDA reminds the public of how tanning products or colours should be applied and which items are okay for cosmetics use only.

Class 1 Barber

For beginners in the barbering industry who are not ready to go through the process of meeting the requirements for licensing, class 1 barbering is a good start. Since the profession is not yet regulated, they can train from any course provider to learn about the industry and help decide whether to pursue class 2 barbering.