Beauty professionals in Alaska are regulated by the Alaska Board of Barbers and Hairdressers and the Board of Massage Therapists.

The following lists contain the regulated and unregulated beauty services:

Regulated Beauty Services in Alaska, USA


Based on the Statutes and Regulations of the board, barbers need to complete an approved curriculum for barbering and 2,000 apprenticeship hours at an approved shop. A licensing examination follows once an individual completes these requirements.

Hairstylist / Lash Technician (Eyelash Extensions)

Hairstylists are expected to complete an approved hairdressing course and must finish 2,000 apprenticeship hours at an accredited salon or shop. They can proceed to taking the licensing examination for hairdressing to earn their state license.

Licensed hairstylists in Alaska are also authorised to practice limited esthetics, superfluous hair removal on the neck and face and application of false lashes or makeup. This means hairstylists can perform eyelash extension applications as well.

Facialist / Makeup Artist / Waxing Technician

These services are grouped under esthetics, requiring an esthetician license. Estheticians should complete an approved course and finish 350 apprenticeship hours at an accredited salon or spa. Like barbers and hairstylists, estheticians are also expected to pass the examination after their professional training and apprenticeships.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians or manicurists provide nail care and enhancements, and the board regulates two types of this profession: manicurist and manicurist with advanced endorsement.

Manicurists are expected to complete 12-hour instruction training for safety and hygiene with proper documentation for submission at a licensed school. Manicurists with advanced endorsement should complete 250-hour training for manicuring with proper documentation for board submission at a licensed institution.

Upon completion of the training, the board provides a state license to successful graduates.

More information about the regulated beauty services in Alaska is provided here:

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are required to complete in-class training of 625 hours at an accredited school and board-approved apprenticeship. They also need to secure a cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification and have passed an approved competency examination. More details about the other requirements are provided here:

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Alaska, USA

Spray Tanning Technician

Without licensing regulations for spray tanning techs in the state, interested individuals can take their training online or in person. Many training providers around the world offer comprehensive education for this profession.

However, it’s important to consider checking the FDA’s strict regulations about the products used for spray tanning. Further information is provided here:

Lash Technician (Lash & Brow Tinting and Lash Perming)

Lash techs performing lash & brow tinting and lash perming are not regulated in Alaska. Like spray tanning, aspirants have the freedom to choose where to train and get skilled for these services.

Just make sure to check with the FDA for products used for tinting and perming to ensure safe applications.