The state of Minnesota has the Board of Cosmetology and the Board of Barber Examiners as the regulatory agencies for the beauty industry in the region.

These are the professionals they regulate, as well as the unregulated ones:

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Minnesota, USA:

Individuals planning to take any regulated beauty service in the state must take their training at a licensed school.

Regulated Beauty Services in Minnesota, USA

Facialist / Waxing Technician / Makeup Artist

Facialists, waxing techs and makeup artists need an esthetician license, which requires 600 training hours. These beauty services are also available in the cosmetologist license.

Hairstylist / Lash Technician

These services need a cosmetologist license to practice in Minnesota. Aspirants should complete training of 1,550 hours to take the licensure test.

Lash artists offering eyelash extensions only can take the eyelash technology license. They are required to finish 38 training hours to qualify for the licensure test.

Nail Technician

Nail techs are expected to complete 350 training hours to challenge the examination.

More licensing details about the above beauty professions are found here:



Barbers need 1,500 training hours to take the licensing test. Interested cosmetologists in barbering are not credited with any number of hours. They must meet the 1,500 hours of training for barbering. The same goes for barbers interested in cosmetology.

Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Minnesota, USA

Massage Therapist

Minnesota is one of the states with no licensing laws for massage therapy. Aspirants can get their training from any school to master the skills. However, many cities in the state require a business license for this profession, so it’s crucial to check with the local government for business regulations.

Spray Tanning Technician

Minnesota is one of the many states in the US that don’t regulate spray tanning. Individuals can learn from any school or training provider to get skilled.