The Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology (MSBC), the Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy and the Mississippi Board of Barber Examiners are the regulatory bodies for hair professionals, estheticians, nail techs, hair removal experts and other beauticians in the state.

These are the professionals they cover:

The non-regulated areas of beauty in the state were deregulated by the MSBC if given as standalone services.

Regulated Beauty Services in Mississipi, USA


These professions are categorised under a cosmetologist license as hair, facial, hair removal and nail services are part of cosmetology. To become licensed in the state, one must complete 1,500 training hours in an approved program.

A cosmetology graduate must then apply and pass the board examination for theory and practical skills to get a license and legally work in Mississippi.

The MSBC also has various sets of requirements for professionals who had their training in other states and want to get a Mississippi license, out-of-state licensing through reciprocity, instructor licensing and more. Further details about these are available here:


Facialist / Waxing Technician / Lash Technician (Lash and Brow Tinting)

These services require an esthetician license in the state, which needs 600 training hours in a licensed school.

Nail Technician

Nail techs need a manicurist license, which requires 350 training hours to challenge the state exam.

More licensing requirements are available here:


Massage Therapist

Massage therapists in the state are regulated by the Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy. To work as a professional, an individual must complete at least 700 training hours, 100 hours for supervised practice and 600 hours for academic coursework, in a board-approved program. After completing the training, the graduate must pass the comprehensive and jurisprudence examinations.

The state also requires licensing applicants to hold CPR and first aid certifications, which may be given by the American Safety and Health Institute, American Red Cross or American Heart Association. Applicants should also pay for background checks done by the FBI and Mississippi Department of Public Safety as another requirement.

Further details about the licensing requirements are given here:



Barbers in Mississippi are regulated by the Mississippi Board of Barber Examiners, an independent institution of the state government. Aspirants are expected to finish 1,500 training hours in a board-approved school. They also need to pass the theoretical, practical and state law examinations to get their license.

Specific licensing details are available here:


Non-Regulated Beauty Services in Mississippi, USA

Lash Technician (Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts)

Lash technicians performing lash extensions only in Mississippi are free of licensing regulations. The MSBC deregulated this service considering it’s low risk. Aspirants in lash extensions can train from any program online or in person to master the necessary skills.

Lash lifting or perming is also not regulated in Mississippi in terms of licensing. Aspirants can train in this service at any school to master the appropriate skills.

Makeup Artist

Like lash techs who offer eyelash extensions, makeup artists are also deregulated in the state. For aspirants wanting to do makeup alone as a career, they are free to train from anywhere and get skilled.

Spray Tanning Technician

Spray tanning techs can enjoy earning in the state without taking the licensing route. But the FDA has regulations on sunless tanners referring to products that create a tanned appearance without sun or UV light exposure.

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act authorises the use of colour additives except for coal-tar hair dyes. Colour additives in cosmetics should be externally applied, except on the lips and any body part covered by mucous membranes.