New York

The Division of Licensing Services sets rules for beauty services in New York. Training for these services must be done in a government-approved school.

Non-Regulated Beauty Service in New York, USA:

Regulated Beauty Services in New York, USA


Barbers in New York must finish a training course or undergo an apprenticeship for a minimum of 2 years under a licensed barber’s supervision. In terms of the required training hours, the state gives schools the freedom to choose the number of hours.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians must get a nail specialty license in the state, which requires them to complete a 250-hour program.

Apprenticeships for nails may also be recognised by the law as a valid requirement for a license. The trainee must show evidence that they have been actively training for 1 year and have completed 27 classroom hours.

Makeup Artist / Lash Technician (Eyelash Extensions) / Facialist

These services require an esthetician license. The state expects applicants to finish 600 training hours. Lash and brow tinting and lash lift services, however, are no longer allowed in the state.

Waxing Technician

Waxing in New York has a specific license. Applicants must complete 75 training hours for this service. They also have the option to get an esthetician or cosmetologist license as waxing is covered in these licenses. With esthetics or cosmetology, applicants can learn about other beauty areas as well.


Hairstylists should be licensed cosmetologists in the state. Cosmetology requires applicants to complete 1,000 training hours before taking the exam.

More licensing details for the above beauty services are provided here:

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists must finish 1,000 training hours and should apply for licensure with approval from the division for their education to qualify for the exam.

Non-Regulated Beauty Service in New York, USA

Spray Tanning Technician

New York is also one of the many US states that don’t regulate spray tanning. Individuals can train online with any reputable course provider.