The State Board of Cosmetology and the State Board of Massage Therapy make the rules for beauty licensing in Pennsylvania. Like many states, Pennsylvania also requires professional education or apprenticeships to be done in a licensed institution or at an approved apprentice program.

Non-Regulated Beauty Service in Pennsylvania, USA:

Regulated Beauty Services in Pennsylvania, USA


Hairstylists are required to earn a cosmetologist license and must complete 1,250 training hours as daytime students for 8 months or night-time students for 15 months. They can also take 2,000 apprenticeship hours.

Waxing Technician / Facialist / Makeup Artist / Lash Technician

These professionals require an esthetician license in Pennsylvania. They should finish 300 training hours to take the licensure exam. Waxing, facials and makeup are also covered in cosmetology. Although lash extensions are not specified in the state’s code, the board considers it an included service that only licensed estheticians or cosmetologists must provide.

Nail Technician

The state requires nail techs to finish 200 training hours before taking the examination.


Barbers must complete 1,250 training hours or the same number of hours for apprenticeships.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are expected to finish 600 training hours in the state and should pass the MBLEx.

Non-Regulated Beauty Service in Pennsylvania, USA

Spray Tanning Technician

Spray tanning doesn’t have regulations for licenses in Pennsylvania. The Indoor Tanning Regulation Act doesn’t include spay tanning as an equipment or service regulated under the act.