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Are you looking for a career in Beauty???

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With our Beauty Courses you will receive high quality instruction which will enable you to work in a salon or to own your own Beauty Business in a fraction of the time it takes at a traditional Beauty Colleges and best of all, at a fraction of the cost.

Study full time….Study part time…Study at home or at work…. You can even take classes on the bus or train on the way to your present workplace if you are currently working…

    • No set classes…. Means no traffic woes… No timetables… No pressure
    • No course time limits….. You can work at your own pace…. Learn fast or take your time.
    • No maximum age limit… No matter what your age, you can register for these courses
    • No Experience necessary… You don’t need any prior industry knowledge or experience…

My name is Karen,……I have over 32 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry both as a practitioner and a teacher and I can say without hesitation….no matter what you been led to believe, …. “Beauty is NOT hard to learn and it doesn’t have to take years either”.

In fact it doesn’t even take months… I can have you actually working on clients AND earning money within several weeks and all you have to do is follow my Step by Step program.

Included in our courses is a detailed instructional manual, and you also have exclusive access to me 7 days a week for any assistance you may need…This means that you will never be on your own….I guarantee it.

Simply Register Online And Start Learning Instantly….

STILL NOT SURE?…. What if I was to take all of the risk out of your decision???

There could be any number of reasons why you may decide that these courses are not for you…..The problem is, that once you have paid the course fee with other organisations, it is all too late.

Not so with our courses!!!

Beauty Courses Online offers a Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee if you believe that these courses are not right for you….Simply contact me and request a refund…(see our terms of service)

This means that there is no risk for you, the risk is all mine and I am happy to take that risk…

So, why am I prepared to give you access to my course with no risk??? The answer is: If you are serious about learning beauty, I know you will love this program……Moreover, I know I can teach you…. I have had success with thousands of students…. I know this works, and I know you can do it.

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Full Beauty Course (Contains all Six Subjects)

This is your opportunity to embark on an exciting new career in the Beauty Industry

Nail Technology Course

Acrylic, Gel and Quickdip nail systems make up this extensive nail course.

Face & Body Waxing Course

After taking this course you won’t have to learn anything else about waxing.

Facial Course

Advance to the next level with our facial course.

Manicure & Pedicure Course

This is a subject that you can learn in the space of a week and start earning money.

Relaxation Massage Course

A standalone business or a great addition to your services.

Lash Tinting & Perming Course

Complete your training with this excellent add-on service.

You Online Beauty Courses Questions Answered:

How Can You Learn Beauty Online?

Our courses are designed to meet the requirements of in class learning, while adapting to fit your lifestyle. All lessons are in easy to follow, repeatable video format with no time limit. So no matter your level of skill or experience, you can follow at your pace.

Our platform is optimised for all devices, so you can watch our videos anytime and anywhere.

As you enroll, you will gain access to course content via online videos and e-book training manuals. Courses are divided into step-by-step modules, and focus on communicating key skills and requirements. Each module must be completed and passed before moving onto the next unit of learning.

While you will not have to complete any assignments for the course, each module has minimum practical requirements (MPR) which need to be met.

In order to obtain your certificate of completion, you will also need to undertake a theory exam. There is no time limit, and all questions are open book. This means it is another learning experience, rather than a potential pass or fail.

The Certificate will be awarded once you achieve 100% on your theory exam and have met the MPR for your course. If any of your test answers are incorrect, we will work with you until you find the right answer.

If you do not need a certificate, then the theory exam is not a requirement.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you will have unlimited online help 7 days a week. No matter your question or concern, we will work with you so you feel comfortable with the course content.

We have worked hard to develop the best method for your learning. In this endeavour, we have established a feedback and guidance loop to give our students the best chance at success. This system follows the format below:

  • Theory: Beginning your learning with knowledge based instructions through E-book manuals and videos which will be quizzed and examined at the end.
  • Practice: Applying your knowledge to practical procedures. These will be taught step-by-step and can be repeated indefinitely.
  • Guidance: Assistance with any difficulties and concerns presented through the theoretical and practical components.
  • Perfection: Repeating every technique until you are able to complete all skills to the highest standard.

What Will I be Able to do After the Course?

All of our courses are designed to reflect and optimise the standards of learning within the classroom. This means that our graduates leave with the skills needed to work in the industry. Depending on the course you study, you can learn the necessary skills to work as a Nail Technician, a Facialist, Masseuse, Lash Technician, or a Wax Specialist, or all.

Often these services are offered simultaneously in salon environments, so it is always advantageous to have more than one skill beneath your belt. However, if you only wish to study one area of beauty therapy, our short courses will prepare you for work as an industry professional.

Because there are no licensing requirements for Beauty Therapy in Australia, our courses will give you all the necessary skills to work in a salon, or even to start your own business! See more about qualifications here.

What do Our Online Beauty Courses Cover?

We currently have six core course options covering the most in demand beauty treatments.

  • Nail Technology: This comprehensive course is divided into five modules, and covers sanitary practices, nail shapes, the application of extension tips, quick dip system, acrylic (liquid/powder), UV Gel, and removal and repairs.
  • Face & Body Waxing: Includes all waxing procedures and treatments in step-by-step, guided videos focusing on separate areas, as well as hair growth cycles, hygiene, equipment and pre/post treatment care.
  • Manicure & Pedicure: Features sanitation practices, full step-by-step professional manicure and pedicure treatments.
  • Facial: A well rounded course that covers skin analysis, sanitation and hygiene, massage techniques, scrubs and peels, steam and extractions, masks, moisturisers, and suggested skin routines from basic to advanced treatments.
  • Relaxation Massage: Includes Anatomy and Physiology, massage benefits, basic techniques, posture and hygiene, equipment, and step-by-step technique videos for massaging all parts of the body.
  • Lash Tinting & Perming: Features all lash tinting and perming applications and procedures in step-by-step videos, including hygiene practices and work station set up.

If you wish to develop your skills in all areas of beauty therapy, we also offer the Full Beauty Course. This bundles together the six courses above at a cost effective price.

In addition, we have two elective courses to supplement your skills:

  • Eyelash Extensions: A comprehensive course divided into seven modules, taking you through every facet of eyelash extension application from lash growth and hair structure to lash extension removal and client aftercare.
  • Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions: An expansion course for those who have already completed the basic Eyelash Extension course, this covers the fundamentals of volume lashing.

Beauty Classes vs Beauty Courses Online

There are many similarities between classroom and online learning. For example, the course content in both, is designed to get you working competently in the industry. Both methods also deliver content with practical application. However, while face-to-face learning can offer in-person feedback, online courses provide you with replayable, informative and detailed videos, with unlimited access to online help, 7 days a week.

This means that instead of rearranging your life to fit a predetermined timetable, you are able to learn in a timeframe and location that suits you.

And while Beauty Classes span a scheduled timeframe, our online courses also have no time limits. No matter your pace or lifestyle, you can learn the art of Beauty Therapy.

What Qualifications do you Receive?

All of our courses operate as Short Courses. This means they are not accredited by any government body. However, we focus on building the necessary skills to become competent in your field. It is important to us that you are able to perform professional, high quality work, whether you hope to work in the industry or pursue beauty therapy as a hobby.

This skills-based approach to your certification means that if you have earned the qualification from our platform, then you will have the necessary professional skills to match.

After completing your course, you will receive a certificate of completion to verify your formal education which will allow you to work in a salon or run your own business.

How Long do these Courses Take?

Each course (except for the Full Beauty Course Bundle) usually takes around 4-6 weeks to complete. However our platform is designed to be used at your own pace. Because there is no time limit on completion, you may go as fast or slow as you please.

How Much do Our Beauty Courses Cost?

Our Beauty Courses are designed to make minimal impact on your budget, while delivering big results. We have priced each course with this goal in mind.
However, if any of our courses are still out of your price range, we are pleased to provide payment plans to suit your needs. You can study with us from just $19.95pw!

For pricing on all courses, see the courses page.

Do We Need Products for the Course?

All courses will require equipment to complete the practical component.

Upon enrolment, we will show you everything you will need for the subject or subjects you have registered for as well as how to source it.

We also have a great range of kits available for some countries to make it even easier, which you can purchase through Afterpay or they can be built into your payment plan.

Are there Practical Assessments in these Courses?

As with all certifications, some minimum practical requirements (MPRs) need to be met in order to receive your certificate of completion. These will be submitted via in depth photo evidence and assessed to ensure you meet all standards, and feedback given on each individual submission. However, these assessments are designed with one intention: to teach you professional beauty skills.

As there is absolutely no time limit on our course, you can take as long as you need to reach the MPRs .

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