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Nail Technology Course

Become a Master in Nail Technology by Learning Not One but THREE of the Most Popular Nail Systems.

Being able to create a perfect set of nails using any one of the three most popular nail systems puts YOU in a superior position when it comes to employment or in your own business.

You see, in my experience, not all people want a particular type of nails. Some like Acrylic Nails, some like Gel and other like a more natural look from the Quick Dip Nail System…..

32 years of doing nails has taught me that when client have a particular preference of nail type it is much much easier to give them what they want….If a new client comes to you and wants Gel nails or already has gel nails on and you only know acrylic, then you have to either try to get them to change or loose the client.

Don’t lose clients and make yourself highly valuable to any employer.

Nail Technology….A Booming Business.

Why Not Become a Nail Technician and join us in one of only a few industries where business increases even in the recent Global Recession.

Exciting innovating business are popping up everywhere and you can be part of this explosion in just a few weeks working your own hours..

Earn extra cash of make a full time career for yourself… it’s your choice.

Currently Working?…You can study at during you lunch hour on the way to and from work if you travel by public transport and of course at the weekend.

Have Kids?… Study after they go to bed or before they get up or when they are at school…

Your tuition and help is available 24/7 in the comfort of your own home or where ever you have an internet connection.

There has never been a more CONVENIENT, RISK FREE way to learn nail technology thanks to Beauty Courses Online’s 30 Day money back guarantee…

Learn more about how easy it is to get started TODAY in this exciting career by watching the Video at the top of this page….

Subjects covered in this course:

Together with the use of the “E-book Training Manual” this video instruction will cover:


  • Introduction to Nail Technology
  • Course Overview
  • Recording Client Information
  • Anatomy of the Nail
  • Diseases & Disorders
  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Nail Shapes
  • Applying Extension Tips



  • Introduction to Quick Dip System
  • Applying the Quick Dip Coating
    • Natural Look and Permanent French
  • Refill of the Quick Dip Nails
  • Rebalance of the Quick Dip Nails



  • Introduction to Acrylic System
  • Mixing the Liquid & Powder
  • Applying the Acrylic Coating
    • Natural Look and Permanent French
  • Sculpting with the Acrylic
  • Refill of the Acrylic Nails
  • Rebalance of the Acrylic Nails



  • Introduction to UV Gel System
  • Applying the UV Gel Coating
    • Natural Look and Permanent French
  • Refill the Gel Nails
  • Rebalance the Gel Nails


  • Buff & Polish
  • Repair a Broken Nail
  • Temporary Tips
  • Remove Artificial Nails
  • Painting the Nails in Colour and French Polish
  • UV Gel Top Coat

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Your Nail Course Questions Answered:

How Do You Become A Nail Technician Online?

If you’re unsure about how to become a nail technician online, we can help you achieve that goal. With our easy to follow courses, you can learn how to be a nail technician online. Even if you’re new to the field and have never done a nail course before, you’ll still be able to learn everything you need to know about Gel, Acrylic and Quick Dip nails through our course.

Our course covers not one but three of the most popular nail systems, including acrylic nails, gel nails, and the natural-looking quick dip nail system. Our curriculum includes a Training Manual along with in depth instructional video that contains five modules, which cover all the basics of nails. Everything from nail anatomy, sanitation, hygiene maintenance, how to work with nail disorders, and of course, in-depth knowledge on the various nail systems as well.

No other online nail course is as thorough or as easy to understand as ours. By breaking everything down into different modules and including both the training manual as well as an instructional video, we will give you practical knowledge while also demonstrating how to perfect nail techniques.

You will also have access to our instructors 7 days per week to get all of your questions answered and to get feedback on your work.

Nail Classes vs. Online Nail Training

You might be wondering why you should invest in online nail training courses when you can simply take nail classes at your local beauty school. The answer is simple; online nail training courses are aimed at making sure that you learn everything there is to know at your own pace.

To begin with, when you learn nails in a traditional nail school, you may not get as in depth training as there are time limitations restricting how many times you can be shown techniques. Where as with online nail training, you are able to watch the same techniques over and over to fully absorb what you are learning. Not only does our online training course explain different nail techniques, but it also covers all other aspects of nail health as well, such as nail anatomy, sanitation, and even diseases.

Let’s suppose, after looking around, you do find a live nail course that touches almost all the same bases as our online training. However, it still might not be as beneficial for you as an online course. The reason for this is that the live course will not specifically accommodate your pace and learning. You will be given one chance, and one chance only, to gather as much knowledge as you can during the session, and that is it. Classes have to move at a certain pace to account for all the students; there is no one-on-one learning.

On the other hand, you can re-watch our online content as many times as you like until you properly understand all the in depth details of the nail techniques. So, whether you want to take your time understanding the course or want to speed through it quickly, online nail training accommodates both! With online training courses, you learn at your own pace, according to your own learning style.

Another advantage that an online training session has over a live one is that you can watch it at your pace and according to your own schedule. You can’t do this in a live training course, where the timing is fixed and often inflexible. So, if you have an emergency someday and can’t attend a class, you’ll have missed out on a whole session! Even if the nail class tries to re-accommodate you in another class, it’ll be according to their timings, not yours. With online courses, however, you can watch them as you please, whenever you have the time without having to worry about missing out on anything or having to rearrange your schedule.

There are also a lot of other costs behind live training classes, such as transport etc. With online nail courses, however, you get everything for a one-time fee that is often much cheaper than a class. You can watch the videos without having to worry about getting to the place or running late.

You can also take online nail training any time and place. So, whether you’re on break at work, or in the comfort of your own home, you can still learn your new nail skills.

How Does A Nail Tech School Operate Online?

An online nail school is not a new invention; we’ve been in the business of training individuals online for over twelve years and have really perfected our training and techniques over that time.

Over the years, we’ve established an excellent feedback and guidance loop to ensure that all our trainees are provided with continuous help whenever they may need it. Everything is demonstrated online, from sourcing the products to perfecting techniques.

Our process is as follows:

  • Theory, where you are taught through E-book manuals and videos and quizzed and examined at the end.
  • Practice, where you are allowed to practice all the procedures that are taught to you step-by-step.
  • Guidance, where you are given ample guidance about how to carry out nail procedures and how to overcome any difficulties you may be facing with the techniques
  • Perfection, where you practice everything repeatedly until you have perfected all the techniques.

What Do Your Online Nail Technician Courses Cover?

Our nail technician course covers every detail you need to become an expert nail technician. Unlike other online nail tech programs, ours is much more extensive and covers a wide variety of topics necessary for you to thoroughly learn everything you need to know about he 3 systems we cover.

The course comes with a training manual as well as dozens of instructional videos. The course has 5 different modules with various levels of difficulty which teach you in a step-by-step manner.

Module One: The first module contains a short introduction and overview of the course, followed by methods on recording client information, understanding the anatomy of nails, and any diseases, and disorders associated with them. The course also includes instructions on maintaining sanitation and hygiene, understanding nail shapes, and applying extension tips.

Module Two: The second module is all about the Quick Dip nail technique. Starting with an introduction, the course then moves on to ways of applying the Quick Dip Coating, achieving a natural and permanent French look, and refilling and rebalancing quick dip nails.

Module Three: The third module focuses on learning and perfecting the acrylic (liquid/powder) nail system. It starts with an introduction to the acrylic system. Afterward, it teaches you how to mix the liquid and powder correctly, and in what ratio to mix it to achieve the perfect consistency. Next, the module focuses on applying the acrylic coating correctly to achieve a natural and permanent French look, sculpting the acrylic into the perfect shape, and refilling and rebalancing the acrylic nails as well.

Module Four: The fourth module helps you to understand and perfect the UV Gel Nail System. After a short introduction, the module explains how to properly apply the UV Gel nail coating to achieve a natural and permanent French look, followed by refilling and rebalancing the Gel nails,

Module Five: The fifth and final module explains how to finish nails. It includes techniques on buffing and polishing, repairing broken nails, applying temporary tips, removing artificial nails, different ways of painting the nails in both color and French polish, and applying the final UV gel topcoat.

What Nail Tech Systems Do You Cover?

Our nail tech course covers not one, but three different nail systems!

  • Quick dip nail system: This nail system is a new and innovative nail coloring system that doesn’t require any lamps, brushes, or curing lights or any extra equipment to color and strengthen nails.
  • Gel nail system: Hard gel nails use a special compound to build artificial nails that once set by a curing light become hard and inflexible, while closely resembling natural nails.
  • Acrylic nail system: A traditional method of building artificial nails that uses a powder and liquid to form a compound, which once set, closely resembles natural nails.

Do You Get A Nail Tech Certification?

Our online course on nail tech certification is purely focused on gaining skills over accreditations. Our courses are short courses and hence are not accredited by any particular government body – of which there are many. Although our online nail tech programs are not accredited, you are provided with a certificate of completion outlines all the skills you have acquired. Our short courses ensure that you gain all the skills needed to establish yourself as an expert nail technician and a certificate of completion to show that.

How Long Does The Online Nail Technician Course Take?

The course generally takes around 4-6 weeks to complete. However, you can take longer if you wish or do it as quickly as you like – you go at your own pace. The good thing about our online nail tech course is that there is no specific time limit in which you must complete the course. The course is extensive, and we recommend you go through everything thoroughly at your own natural pace. However, the period in which you want to complete the course depends entirely on you.

Do I Need Products For The Course?

Like all nail tech courses, you will need professional products to practice and work with while going through the course. However, getting the products at the best price can be tricky. Luckily, we show you how to source products in the course. We will show you how to get the best and most appropriate professional nail products at the best prices.

Are There Practical Assessments In The Course?

Like all professional courses, our online course has numerous practical assessments. These practical assessments will ensure that you have mastered all the techniques and are ready to work professionally on clients. There are 35 total assessments in the course which have to be provided through in-depth photographic evidence to be assessed by us so that we can provide the appropriate guidance.

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