I really enjoyed doing this course. Has been something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. Having the option of an online course being a single mother and working full time was amazing.

The course videos were so helpful as I could watch them over and over until I felt comfortable with my technique.

Karen was always encouraging and helped me along the way with any questions or problems I had.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to step into the beauty industry.

I am now working in a salon and my new skills have bought in a lot of new clients for a service that was previously unavailable.

Making my clients feel and look amazing is so satisfying.

Kate Vizgaudis

Want to congratulate Karen and all at beautycourseonline on this awesome course. Very well organized and so easy to follow. I would highly recommend to anyone starting in the beauty industry.

As I have my own salon, wanted to give my clients every service possible and making it a one stop shop. Have bookings well into the new year😁.
Thanks to Karen and this course I can now follow my dream!

Angela Veljanovski

It’s very easy to follow and is very well explained. Would absolutely recommend to friends or anyone interested.

I have performed waxing services on friends and family and have been enjoying it very much.

Looking forward to offering the service to more of my clients.

Sose Stoykovic

I enjoyed the course and Karen was brilliant with the way she encourages you and explains how to fix anything that she sees.

I’m going to use my skills as therapy, for someone that suffers with anxiety this has helped me alot. Just having 1 or 2 clients a day helps me heaps with focus and control, 1 with the product application and the other controlling my breathing for the anxiety.

Trish Kay

I would highly recommend to everyone that wants to study online and also for anyone in general really as the nail technology course covers everything in detail to work in the industry and the videos of each service in the course are good quality and covers each step in detail, also Excellent communication with Karen and she is always there if you need guidance.

I have opened up my own nail salon business and loving every minute of it

Leanne Paternoster

The courses are great the DVDs are excellent and you learn a lot. I would recommend doing beauty courses online to anyone that is interested in doing beauty they are there to help you when you need it as well they are great.

I have use my new skills working from home and doing some work experience in a salon

Tammy Jelinic

It was a wonderful course. Thorough, satisfying, critically helpful and wonderful teacher, i highly recomend this course. It covers a lot.

I have started a small business with my knowledge and everyone is in awe of my work. Though i am still critical of flaws.

Nickie Freeman

The Manicure /Pedicure was a really great course. I learnt so much, from very well explained videos, so easy to do from home in my own time.

The training and support from Karen was always positive , practical and helpful.

The price is the best in the business for the value that I gained from the course.

I would recommend it to everybody.

Learnt to work from home with exceptional training, from no experience, to a small home business, in a very short time.

Thank you Karen

Jan Woods

I really enjoyed doing the course online. This meant I could work in my own time (although this took me longer…lol), but I didn’t feel pressured and this made it more enjoyable. Thank you for your quick email responses and for answering all my questions.

Jolene Bothma

Loved the Facial Course. The Techniques are amazing and unique. All my 30 Models were amazed and I was just in training. Highly recomend Beauty Course Online.

I have a Home Salon, Im a beauty therapist so I will be providing facial services immediately.

Gordana Georgievska

Really easy to use, everything is explained well and easy to follow course. Karen is extremley supportive and quick with responding and giving you the feedback you need to improve. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain qualifications in the beauty industry.

Abi Shaw

I loved the course, the lecture was very responsive to all emails and questions I asked. The course is very good for being flexible and working around your day to day life. I’d definitely recommend this course to everyone. 😀

With learning how to do relaxation massaging I have opened up my own business. 😀

Claudia Tortelli

I recently completed my facial course and it was great! I was able to do it in my own time. A great addition to my certificate 3 in beauty. Thank you Karen!

Sally Leach

I thoroughly enjoyed the face and body waxing course. I work part time and have 2 children. I was able to study at home (or at the children’s swimming lessons, netball training, etc) and at time that suited me and my family.

i had support from my family and friends as guinea pigs for my training and was pleased that they were able to notice my confidence growing and techniques improving with each service I performed for them.

I have started a home salon and each month I am seeing the profits gradually climb. I am able to schedule clients around my current work and my family. I am excited with the way my small business is growing and I am ready to learn new skills and add more services to my business.

Emma Taylor

This course is amazing. It gives you the freedom to be able to do it at a time that works with you. The support and backup that Karen gives you is beyond amazing. Her quick response and willingness to help you as much as she can is such a comforting feeling. There is nothing that is to hard for her to help you with. After doing this course not only have I gained a fabulous skill but I have also gained a great business with a great clientele. This course I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to do nails.

Melanie Hall

I totally recommend Beauty Courses Online. The customer service is 10/10 Karen is a true professional in both theory and practical. I really enjoyed the course and for anyone wanting to study via online this is the only way to learn. I’m so glad I found you.

I have launched my facial business called Soothing Facials

Elissa Scott

I thought this course was great, it was perfect for myself being fully online as I have a new born baby. I would highly recommend this course!

I have now started my own nail technician business in a small country town and it has really taken off 🙂

Nina Grace

I thoroughly encourage anyone who is wanting to learn acrylic and gel application to enroll for this course. It’s been an exciting journey from the moment I started with constant and continuous guidance from Karen. She really teaches absolutely everything there is to know in her course videos and course manusl which are extremely easy to follow. She is always there if you need any questions answered and always answers them the same day.

I’m really thankful that I decided to apply for this course because not only has it taught me how to do artificial nail application, it has also given me a start to setting up my new business. As part of the course you are required to find models and whilst I thought it would be hard to call on people, it actually wasn’t. Most people are willing to offer their time. I’ve had lots of laughs and made many new friends along the way. I have now completed the course and all of my models have remained my clients and my client base is growing every day.

With my new skills have now opened up my own salon from home offering Gel and Acrylic Nails. Ive spent many months researching products and buying nail products each week to offer my clients. It has only been a few days since I completed my exam but I have a client base of 25 people so far and I keep getting more people each day through word of mouth. It’s been a lovely journey and has opened up a whole new world for me.

I cannot thank Karen and Beauty Courses Online for all their help and positivity. It’s been a pleasure and I’m looking forward to completing the Manicure course very soon.

Krystina Crawford

I would firstly like to thank Karen for the hard work and dedication she puts towards her students. The endless email responses and questions that needed answering, she was always there. I loved the structure of the waxing course and feel it was just as personal as if I were to do it in a training school. Without the huge overheads. It took me awhile to complete my course, but I never gave up! I submitted all my photos and logged all my clients and got the feedback that was necessary from both Karen and my clients. I previously did my massage training and other beauty training else where and have been running a successful business for a few years now, waxing was just one of the criteria subjects I was missing, so now with full understanding, notes and pages of info I am now confident (and have been for a few years) with waxing and my clients love my protocols and hygiene standards and I always deliver to the highest of standards. Thank you for my training from myself and my clients.

Added waxing to my business menu and now feeling more confident then ever. Thank you

Kimberlee Weck

Easy to follow detailed videos for learning. With the ability to pause, rewind and play back learning videos never miss a single thing. Able to ask questions and receive a response promptly. See how others are progressing through the course and may relate to others that have faced difficulty at points in the course on the log in page and how they overcome them. Practice and learning at your own pace no pressure. Overall would go back again to study more courses and I recommend anyone that is interested in the beauty industry to see how you go, start with one course and if it’s what you like.

Shaunelle Winstanley

I am so glad that I signed up for the online relaxation massage course offered by Beauty Courses Online. Since taking the course 2 years ago, I have successfully ran a home relaxation massage business. Taking this course online let me continue to work full time as a teacher and learn a repertoire of new skills. I would highly recommend this course.

Stacey Debray

These courses are fantastic they easy to follow and provide all information needed to succeed Karen is very supportive and I found her extremely easy to learn from

I have carried on from my courses to open my own business Beauty in the bush cottage boutique

Amy Innes

I thought the course was well designed for people like myself who couldn’t do an in class course. Doing an online course allowed me to study at my own pace.

I have started my own relaxation massaging and have quite a few very happy clients and it’s getting bigger. Even have my own logo!

Shona Osborn

More Testimonials:

Hi Karen,

I really liked the course. And I would recommend it to others.

Vera Karpenchuk Al Diri

The opportunity came up in my nieces Salon that had me thinking, I would love to do that!

She needed someone to do the waxing and with a lot of encouragement from my family, I began searching the internet for waxing courses. I needed a course that would fit in to my already hectic family life and at 42 years of age, couldn’t see myself going to classes at a

College. I came across Beauty Courses Online and thought this sounds perfect! At first I was a little hesitant, but in two short weeks I was waxing away in my own room at the salon and loving it!!

The Dvd’s were un-believable and the online support from Karen has been invaluable! I am now doing Artificial Nails and they are fantastic! Cant’ wait to start my next course!

I think manicures & pedicures followed by the eyelash tinting.

I can’t believe I am doing this!

Karen, you have been my support and I am so pleased to have found you!


Hi Karen,

This is an excellent course, very informative and easy to understand.

Thanks so much

Hi Karen,

Thank you for the certificates I received this morning.

I have attached my Lash Exam.

Thanks for everything…the course is excellent and I am using the E books for suggestions on business ideas. I am in the process of starting my own business. I would really like to try a ‘mobile beauty salon’ idea I have had for years.

Thank you again for your prompt assistance and your help towards me achieving my goal.


Hi Karen,

I started the mani & pedi last night, and I think the dvd’s are fantastic. I do have a salon at home and I currently do waxing. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying doing these courses of your. Especialy to be able to do them at home. Well done to you all.


Hi Karen

Attached is my examination. Thankyou. I have enjoyed the course.


Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for your swift and helpful responses. We really feel we did the right thing to purchase these courses from you. A massage client told me on Saturday that I’m “gifted”! I attribute it to your thorough course.

Are you feeling the effect of the global economic crisis? We have definitely been affected. We are so thankful that we have started to offer more services, otherwise we would have had barely any business. Your courses has enabled us to do that in a relatively short time. We are quite anxious to start with the facials since so many people ask about it. We would like to offer it on special in June, if at all possible.

Lucille (South Africa)

Dear Karen,

I enjoyed doing you course and found it simple and straight to the point. It was easy to understand and being able to watch the DVD over again is very helpful. I have not received my start waxing kit as of yet as my partner is buying the items for me, but he has offered to but a test subject and my mother has a few friends lined up for me. I’m looking forward to taking on your our course and do this exam.

Kind Regards

Hi Karen,

I am really enjoying the courses! Yes I have been practicing and my confidence and techniques are improving with each attempt. At the moment I am very popular with friends and family…pedicures galore! Of course massages are a huge hit too.

Now for artificial nails. As yet I haven’t attempted any on an actual person. I have some practice fingers which I have been using. Presently I am using the acrylic ‘blob’ method which I find a little trying but I am improving. I am also using gel. I have been having gel on my own nails for years so I am fairly familiar with it, although it is different being the technician instead of the client. I think your ‘dipping’ technique is brilliant but am having difficulty purchasing the ‘building resin’ and more so the ‘resin activator’. I did find an American company (via Google) but found with the shipping costs it was very expensive. I was hoping perhaps you could give me some tips as to where I could purchase the products as I am really keen to try it.

Other than that, I do not really have any problems. I am finding your DVD’s extremely explanatory and the E-Manuals very informative. Your courses I would highly recommend to anyone who wanted to enter the Beauty Industry. Prior to your courses I did partially complete a Tafe Beauty Cerificate 111 course but in all honesty found Tafe to be very slow and repetitive.

Thank you for your excellent service.


I am extremely impressed by the level of excellence in the video watched so far. i envisioned having to try to attend classes on the weekend and evenings, i love that i can do this course whenever and wherever i have my laptop and access to the internet. i am so excited.

Mary Johnson (Goeldner)

I thoroughly enjoyed the waxing course. I have had nothing but positive feedback for my service and technique. My brow clients love it as they now have access to more services without having to travel, some clients are with me for an hour or more (depending on treatment) and they leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and happy with the treatment. I am really looking forward to starting another course with you shortly.

Donna Williams

Thank you for the prompt return to my message. I have found your course amazingly helpful as I had already practiced nails in the comfort of my own home on family and friends, and with completing this may venture out into a salon and look into renting a table.

Jessica Williamson

I have passed my 1st try with hard wax this weekend. I am amazed with the results , I have done on ( Under arm and Bikini ) ,
I cant believe I have done this. Its all because of your training and guidance. I feel so happy and confident.

Shilpa Akula

I just got hired at a very nice salon here in windsor today so i am very excited! greatly appreciate the lovely training.

Laura ONeil

How are u? I cant thank u enough for the success I have right now. I have clients lined up for my Facial Treatments.

Aesha (Noelli Oquendo)