Question 1

Hi, I’m Karen Harrington of Beauty Courses online. This is the third episode in Ask About Beauty, where I encourage anybody to leave beauty related questions, either on You Tube or my Facebook page. Question one this week comes from one of our beauty students, Ronda, who asks, “In the manicure course, you show how to use paraffin wax as part of the treatment. What is the benefit of this and do I have to do this as part of the course?”

I’ll answer the second part first. No you don’t have to do it as part of the course. It’s just an add on service that I show you how to perform, but I do strongly encourage all of my students to offer this service to their clients as you will find they absolutely love it. It’s just another way to earn a little bit more money.

The benefits of paraffin wax are many. The first one is that it is quite aclusive, so when you’ve got it on the hand, it is trapping the moisture, your own body’s moisture in, so thus beginning the softening process of the skin. The heat from the paraffin wax opens the pores which better assists in the penetration of any of the nutrients from the cream that you would have already massaged on.

The paraffin wax itself also has its own natural lubricants and is normally infused with essential oils, which will also penetrate deeply into the skin, because the pores have been opened. The heat from the paraffin also improves circulation to the hands or the feet, if that’s what you’re treating. It can also aid in temporary relief from things like arthritis and joint and muscle pain. As you can see, paraffin wax is a very beneficial treatment, and it has great, instant results and the clients absolutely love it.

Question 2

Question two today is from Kay, who is also one of our beauty course students. Kay says, “I’m doing the facial course and I’m really worried about using the steamer. I’m scared that I’m going to burn someone. Have you any advice?

If you follow the video content in the course, you won’t have any problem with the steamer. One rule with the steamer is that you must use distilled water. If you don’t, you can get a buildup of minerals and things in the steamer and you’ll get spitting out of the steamer.

So I’m probably guessing that you’ve heard of or had this sort of experience and that will be why that would have happened. So if you stay with distilled water and maintain your equipment properly, and keep it the right distance away from the face, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re still really worried about it, you can always do that step with hot towels and not use a steamer at all, but it just is a nice thing to incorporate into a facial.

Question 3

Question three is from our You Tube channel, and says, “I have read that kiwifruit is good for puffy areas of the eyes and I’ve seen pictures of women having facials in magazines with what looks like kiwifruit on their eyes. Is it actually kiwifruit and if so what does it do?

I don’t think it’s kiwifruit that you’re seeing. It would normally be cucumber if you’re talking about when they have their face covered with a mask and they have the two little white things on their eyes. Normally it would be cucumber and there are a few different theories of what it actually does. Some say that it actually has fluid drawing properties, so it actually is reducing the puffiness under the eyes by drawing fluid out and into the cucumber. Others say it just has benefits that just help to stop the puffiness and put it down a little bit.

So I don’t think you’re looking at kiwifruit, I’m pretty sure you would be looking at cucumber. You can also do it with potato. It does exactly the same thing. If you slice up potato quite thinly and put it on your eyes, it will also get rid of the bags and things under the eyes. This is a great trick that you can do at home. If you’ve got a big night out and you’re feeling a bit tired, cut up some cucumber or potato, lay on your bed for 10 minutes with it on your eyes, if you want to go a step further, get a tissue and dip it in some milk and stick that over the top. That will give your skin a little bit of exfoliation at the same time, so just a little party trick there.

So that wraps up our questions for episode three. I hope you found it of value and if you did I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to our channel. If you’d like to ask me anything at all beauty related, please leave a post on our Facebook fan page or this channel. Thanks for joining us.