Question 1 Transcript:
Welcome everybody. This is Karen with another episode of Ask About Beauty, where I answer interesting and challenging questions from my beauty students and from this site. Today I have three questions, so let’s get on with it.

The first question is from Tanya who is one of our beauty students, and this one relates to nail technology. “Hi Karen, I’m having some trouble with some lifting of the acrylic coating about three days after I do the job. I think I am etching the nail correctly, is there any other reason for lifting besides not etching properly?”

There are a few different reasons why nails will lift fairly quickly after you do them. Now, on a very few people, they just have a lot of oil in their natural nail and no matter what you do, they are going to get lifting. Normally the main reason would be not preparing the natural nail properly, but if you think that you have done that and etched it properly, dehydrated it properly, removed all the grime from it, the other reason I would suggest then would be that you may not be finishing it properly at the end.

By that I mean around the cuticle end needs to be nice and flat, so that as the nail grows out, you don’t get that little step happening. You’ll know if you haven’t done this properly because as the nail grows out in two or three days, you’ll get a little bit of crusting around the cuticle which will look like lifting, but it’s actually just the edge of the product is crusting.

If you get your file then and buff that down, you’ll see that the rest of the nail is really well adhered to the natural nail. If the whole nail is lifting, which is very, very unlikely, then it is definitely either too much oil in the client’s nail or you just haven’t prepared it properly, and dehydrated the nail enough.