Question 2a Transcript:

The next question is from Madeline, who is one of our beauty students. She asks, “Hi Karen, I have two questions. The first is I waxed my boyfriend’s chest yesterday and he has broken out into red blotches. Did I do something wrong and how can I fix it?”

The second question is, “Is there a set temperature the strip wax should be so I know it is going on properly?”

So for your first question, Madeline, most males, especially the first few times they have been waxed will break out quite badly all over their body, but the back and the chest seems to be worse than any other part of the body. It’s just because the hair is so strong. The follicle goes into a little bit of shock, and causes the red pimply look, sometimes it gets a little bit pussy as well. It’s quite normal, it will get better each time you wax as the hair softens up a little bit. A little bit of blood in the follicle is also normal, so don’t worry about that also either. It also can happen to females if their hair growth is very strong.

To fix the problem, you should be using a good after wax solution. If you can get your client, if they have a bath, to have a nice lukewarm salt bath, and put some more after wax solution on. Once they start to feel the hair breaking through the skin, which is usually around about a week to ten days, if they can get a loofer and exfoliate really, really well, to help that new hair growth come through, the problem will be far less.