Question 2 & 3 Transcript
Firstly Jessica, I keep telling my students that there is no such thing as a silly question. What I mean by in the direction of the hair growth is as the hair grows out of the follicle, that’s the direction that you apply the wax in. So you would start in the pore or the follicle, and you would go in the direction that the hair is growing out from that follicle. That applies either to strip wax or hot wax.

The next one is a question from the YouTube channel. “I have watched your YouTube videos on waxing and I see you using different waxing techniques. Sometimes using a strip of paper or whatever the strip is made of, and then you apply the wax with a spatula thickly, and remove it with your fingers. What is the difference?”

There are two main techniques of waxing. You’ve got your strip waxing and what I call hot waxing. The strip waxing is where you use a strip of something to actually remove the wax that you’ve put on the skin. Now the strips can be made of non-woven paper, calico, there’s a few different materials that they’ve made out of. But any time that you actually apply the wax thinly to the skin and remove it with a strip of some sort, is strip waxing. It’s mainly used on large areas of the body, but you can use it on any area of the body.

The other technique is the one that you see, I apply the wax very thickly with the spatula, and then just remove it with my fingers. That can be referred to as hot wax, block wax, thick wax, any of these. So the wax that you use without the strip, and that is normally used on sensitive areas such as bikini, underarm, or eyebrow, it can be used on larger areas of the body. It’s quite good for people with really sensitive skin, but not too many salons would use it on legs or arms anymore.

So normally with the two different techniques, the strip wax would be used for the larger areas of the body, and the hot wax would be used for the smaller and more sensitive areas of the body.

This question is from our YouTube channel and it’s from the underarm wax video that we have posted on there. It says, “What is the name of the wax and where can somebody obtain it?”

This is a question that I have been asked literally thousands of times now. The wax that I use on our videos is manufactured by Jacks Wax in Australia. It’s in their Adam and Eve range, and the wax on the particular underarm video is their hot beaded wax called Lust. You don’t have to use their wax. You can buy good quality waxes from most wholesalers anywhere in the world these days. Or you can even have a look on the internet.

The one I’m using on this video is the hot wax, which is the one that you use without the strip. It comes normally in a block or little shapes, or this particular one I use comes in little beads which is really easy to tip into your wax pot and melt down.

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