Question 1 Transcript:

Welcome everyone. I’m Karen Harrington, founder of Beauty Courses Online. This is episode two of Ask about Beauty where I answer interesting questions I receive from my beauty course students, as well as this channel, and my Facebook fan page. If you have a beauty question, please leave it on my Facebook fan page or on this channel, and I’ll be sure to answer it personally.

We’ll now move onto todays three questions, and the first one is from our YouTube channel. This lady asks, “I notice in some of your waxing videos that you use a metal spatula and in others you use a wooden applicator. Is there a particular reason for this?

Yes there is. Some of these videos on YouTube are getting quite old and were posted in a time where it was quite acceptable to use a metal spatula and the double dip system. Hygiene standards have now been tightened up considerably and most health departments require technicians to only use the single dip method, which is where you will take your wooden applicator, which is normally a tongue depressor, dip it in the wax once, spread it onto the skin, then dispose of it and pick up a new one to get the next lot of wax.

So it’s just the difference in the ages of the videos that you’re watching at the moment, and we’ve totally overhauled our waxing course now so that it is all in the single dip method.