Beauty Therapy Courses Online

We know we’ve found the best way to get into the beauty industry…. Online Beauty Therapy Courses.

Our online courses allow you to learn in your own time, at home or wherever you like. They cover everything you need to know to perform every technique to an advanced and highly professional level that people will happily pay you great money for.

Currently our subjects in beauty therapy are Waxing, Nails, Facial, Manicure and Pedicure, Lash Tinting and Perming and Relaxation Massage.

How do online courses work?

Once you register for one or all of our beauty therapy courses, you will receive instant access to our members area and information on how to get the most out of our courses. In our members area, you will be able to access all of our course materials, including all of the high quality video instruction.

You will also get instant access, through the members area, to all of the written material and assessments so you can go as fast as you like – or just take it easy.

The videos in the members area are always being added to and improved over time, along with the extra content being added regularly, and questions and answers from other students. It’s a real community.

We also send you our video content on DVD that you can watch anywhere.

Beauty Therapy Courses Online are Fully Supported.

The main reason our students choose us over other courses is because of our dedicated support. We are here to help you whenever you need.

Our online learning system (members area) has been developed to help streamline your learning and support. You can ask questions directly in the members area, and you can also see previous questions and answers to get different a perspective which is so important when learning beauty.

Questions are answered fast and we will always give you extra information to help you along the way.

There is nothing like having an experienced mentor there to help you along the way.

Members Forum

We also have a members forum where you can ask questions and also interact with like minded people for help, encouragement and inspiration.

Beauty Therapy Assessments

One of the challenges of delivering beauty therapy courses online was to come up with the most practical and effective way to actually assess our students in a way that maintained the concept of being able to learn anywhere, but also ensure our students could truly develop a high skill level.

We have developed a number of evidence based techniques to assess your skills including online exams, visual assessments of your completed practical work and more. For more information on all of our courses, go the the courses page here…

Certificate of Completion.

Once you are proficient in all of the skills and theory for each subject, we will send you a certificate of completion.

This shows that you have completed the course and are proficient to perform the services that you have learnt.

This certificate is important in many regions around the world for various reasons, including for the purpose of setting up a business and getting insurance, or showing potential employers your training and proficiency.

What can I do after completing a beauty therapy course online.

Completing a beauty therapy courses online will open many doors for you and there really are no limits to where you can go.

Whether you want to work in a beauty salon, or even start you own salon or mobile salon, the choice is yours. There are many different types of careers in beauty and you could literally be working anywhere – did you know, that you could even get a job as a beauty therapist on a cruise ship?

Also, your range of skills will enable you to perform a variety of services so you will never be bored. You get to meet new people every day, and help people actually feel better about themselves, which in turn makes you feel better about yourself.

Beauty Therapy is a Growth Industry

In addition to the above benefits, an online beauty therapy course gives you access to one of the biggest growth industries in the world. The beauty industry was even one of the few industries that still enjoyed growth throughout the global financial crisis – when most others were in decline.

Where to next?

Go to our courses page for more information on all of our courses, including each subject and our full beauty therapy course. Also, don’t forget the 30 day money back guarantee on all of our online beauty therapy courses.