Professional Manicure & Pedicure Classes, Courses and Schools Near Me

Have you been considering starting your own beauty salon, but haven’t been quite sure how to go about doing so? Or are you currently working in a salon and are keen to increase the amount of services you provide to your clientele? Either way, a great idea is to up skill yourself with new skills in manicure and pedicure services. Our online manicure and pedicure Courses near you will be the ideal starting point.

Start Earning from Manicure & Pedicure in as Little as a Few Weeks.

One of the main advantages of enrolling in and obtaining accreditation for our Manicure and Pedicure Course is that you could be well on your way to using your newly learned skills to start earning additional income in as little as a few weeks.

Regardless of whether you will be offering this service to your clients in your salon or you prefer to set up a mobile booth, you will be able to do so after obtaining your accreditation. In fact, several beauty therapists have been able to provide their services in corporate environments during working hours. This enables them to serve a far wider clientele base because it provides the ultimate level of convenience to customers.

Study Manicure & Pedicure at your Own Pace

When signing up for our Manicure and Pedicure Course near me, you will soon learn that you have another distinct advantage – that of being able to study at your own pace and at times that will be most convenient for you. This means that if you have a busy family or work schedule, you will be able to fit your study time in around it. Just think, you will never need to beg your supervisor or boss for time off so you can attend your classes.

Our course material is provided in the form of eBook manuals and video tutorials, all of which can be accessed at absolutely any time of the day or night. You will not have to worry about having to be available at specific times of the day or evening to attend physical or even online classes because everything will always be available online.

What you will learn in Our Manicure & Pedicure Course

Aspects covered in our Manicure and Pedicure Courses near me in the form of a eBook training manual and video tutorials include:

  • Anatomy and Structure of the Nail and Nail Bed
  • Nail, Foot and Hand Disorders and Diseases
  • Bacteriology and Sanitation
  • Equipment and Products Required
  • Getting your Work Area Organized
  • UV Soak off Gel (Shellac) Application and Removal
  • A Detailed, Step-by-Step Video Guide Covering:
  • Nail Filing
  • Performing Cuticle Treatments
  • Removal of Dry and Dead Skin
  • Foot and Hand Massage
  • Nail Painting
  • Performing a Complete Step-by-Step Professional Manicure
  • Performing a Complete Step-by-Step Professional Pedicure
  • Additional Treatment Procedures Including Peels, Masks and Paraffin Wax
  • How to Repair a Natural Nail that has cracked

An Affordable Manicure & Pedicure Study Option

Until now, you may have been putting off considering manicure courses near me because you may have thought they were too costly to afford. However, this is not the case when you enrol for our pedicure courses near me.

Our complete Manicure and Pedicure Courses near me package is available for the highly affordable – see prices here. We also have very easy payment plans on all of our courses starting at $19.95 here.

Why Wait to learn Manicure and Pedicure?

If you want to get started with studying the best manicure and pedicure courses near me, there is no need to wait any longer. Enrolling in our course is extremely quick and easy, and what’s more, if you find that you are not completely satisfied with the course, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

After obtaining your certification for manicure and pedicure courses near me, you could be well on your way to boosting your income levels within as little as a few days. If you would like to find out more about our manicure courses near me or you are ready to enrol, contact us by completing the quick and easy website contact form.