Nail Courses from Home

It is now possible to complete a nail course from home. There are a variety of way and means of doing it, which we will explain here, but you will find, that it is now the most flexible and accessible way of gaining entry into this exciting industry.

How is it possible?

It has been possible to complete nail courses at home for many years. But due to advances in the past decade, including the advances in online learning, it is now easier than ever attain professional nail technology skills and qualifications learning at home, in a flexible way that fits in with your life and current commitments.

The process once you have found the home nail course that suits you usually follows the following form:

1. All nail course materials are delivered to you….

Years ago, you would receive a package of course materials that would consist of a number of reference materials and depending on the structure of the business providing the course, you may just be left on your own.

These days, especially because of technology, things are much better. Most home nail courses have online components to help streamline the process of course delivery, feedback and guidance.

The internet has allowed student and trainer to connect in ways not possible before and even create communities of students that are able to help and encourage each other.

A good home nail course will allow you significant contact with the trainer to get all the guidance you need, and will offer different delivery methods to suit your learning style.

2. You can source the materials you need…

You will need certain products and equipment if you want to get the most out of your nail course.

The products and equipment for learning, and later performing the techniques for nails are specialised and can be expensive if you are not guided on what you need and where to get it.

A good home nail course will show you where to source everything you need at the best prices (wholesale prices as good or better that a salon gets) and some even have packages of products containing everything you need to get started quickly. Our courses have different options for this.

3. How will I know I’m proficient??

Good hone course in any industry have various methods of assessing your skills and knowledge. Again this has been improved greatly by the internet, and the nail industry is no different.

Two of the most popular methods of assessing your skills remotely (from home) are:

Online Quizzes: for testing your knowledge in all of the different aspects of nail technology. The great thing about online is that you can get your results instantly, you can retake exams as often as you like and get guidance on things you may need to learn more of.

Evidence of work: there are a number of evidence of collecting evidence of your proficiency in your practical work including visual – using images of your work, sent back and assessed by qualified assessors – and physical, using dummys or other test equipment, which is sent back with examples of your work carried out on them.

Good courses use different methods and combinations of methods to really get a good idea of your skills and knowledge.

How long do nail courses from home it take?

The best thing about home courses is the flexibility. You can complete them quickly, or take your time.

If you are considering completing a short nail course from home, then you could be complete in less than a few weeks, with skills that would allow you to start working right away.

Longer qualification based courses may take months and vary completely on the qualifications you wish to attain.

Again, the flexibility of how courses mean it is entirely up to you and your circumstances. If you are anxious to get working in the industry, or whatever goals you have, then you can work hard and complete the courses quickly. If you are more relaxed about it, then you can take your time.

What would you learn in a home nail course?

If you want to succeed in the industry, then it is essential that you learn at least the two most popular nail enhancement techniques (Acrylic and Gel) along with various related skills and supporting knowledge like hygene and anatomy.

We can only speak for our own course here, but you will learn all of these skills and more and you will have the skills you need to get a start in the industry and start earning a living right away. see the full details of our nail course here.

What can i do after my course?

If you complete a good nail course and get your certificate, your options are limitless and you could literally go anywhere in the world.

Many students opt to work in a salon and gain further experience. Some will start their own salon afterwards with their experience.

Other great options are mobile and home salons. A mobile salon is as the name suggests is where you go to see you clients at their home or place of work. With nails, it is easy as all the products and equipment you need are easily portable.

Home nail salons: just as you completed your course from home, you can also work from home and earn a great living. All you need is a spare room and the products nad equipment you did your course with.

You could even complete further courses to offer a greater range of services.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started in your new career in nails. If you choose our course here you will get instant access to your courses and you can literally start today!! Just click register on the courses you like and we’ll see you inside.