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Are you currently working in the beauty industry and are keen to expand your service offerings, or do you simply want to make a little extra money in your spare time? If so, why not consider becoming an accredited nail technician? When you study through us, you will be able to do so at your own pace and according to your own time schedule. Below is a little more information regarding what to expect when you study through us.

Learn Not One, But Three Highly Popular Nail Systems

A distinct advantage you will have when purchasing and studying your Nail Technician’s course through us is that you will be able to learn about all three of the most popular forms of nail treatments that are being offered in beauty salons these days, namely quick dip, acrylic and gel nail treatments.

Learning about all three popular nail systems will not only enable you to provide the widest range of services to your clients; in the event that a client has a preference for a particular nail treatment, it will ensure that you will be able to provide it for them and prevent them having to have it performed elsewhere.

Study in your Own Time

Until recently, anyone who wanted to study any beauty courses would have had to be willing to invest a lot of time into a committed schedule at their local college or training institution. However, we have managed to compile all of the required course material into a handy E-book format and a series of online training videos, all of which will allow you to study in your own time and at your own pace.

This means that even if you have to hold down a full-time job, look after kids or other family member or you have other commitments elsewhere, you will still be able to study at times that are most convenient for you to do so. You will also not have to stress about having to spend valuable time fighting through traffic to get to classes on time because everything can be done from the comfort of your home – or even during your lunch breaks at the office.

Another advantage of using our course to obtain your Nail Technician certification is that if you feel you need to spend additional time on a specific module, you can do so. Alternatively, if you are able to master other modules quicker than usual, you can do so as well. This enables you to obtain your certifications as quickly as you feel comfortable with.

In addition to all of the above-mentioned benefits, you will have 24/7 access to online assistance, meaning that if something is not clear or you are struggling to master a particular concept, help will be at hand.

Nail Courses Near Me

Make Extra Money in your Spare Time

Once you have completed our course, you will be able to use your new-found knowledge to perform an extensive range of nail treatments for clients – regardless of whether you already work at someone else’s salon or you intend starting your own beauty business.

Aspects you will Learn in this Course

The Nail Technician course has been divided into five separate modules, and the aspects of each module include:

  1. Module One
  • Basic introduction to Nail Technology
  • A course overview of what you will learn
  • How to accurately record client information
  • Anatomy of the nail
  • Nail disorders and diseases
  • Sanitation and hygiene pertaining to the nails
  • The various nail shapes
  • How to apply extension tips
  1. Module Two – Covering the Quick Dip System
  • An introduction to the quick dip nail system
  • How to apply the quick dip coating to ensure best results for permanent French and natural look systems
  • Learning how to sculpt with the acrylic
  • How to obtain the best results when refilling acrylic nails
  • How to rebalance acrylic nails
  1. Module Three – The Acrylic (Powder/Liquid System)
  • Introduction to the acrylic system
  • How to mix the powder and liquid correctly
  • Applying the acrylic coating to obtain the best results for permanent French and natural look
  • How to correctly sculpt with the acrylic to obtain the best results
  • How to refill existing acrylic nails
  • How to correctly rebalance acrylic nails
  1. Module Four – The UV Gel System
  • An introduction to the UV gel nail system
  • How to apply the UV gel coating to get the best end results for the natural look and permanent French options
  • How to correctly refill gel nails
  • How to rebalance gel nails
  1. Module 5
  • Buffing and polishing the nails
  • How to correctly repair a broken nail
  • Applying temporary tips
  • How to remove artificial nails
  • How to paint nails in colour and French polish options
  • How to apply a UV gel top cost to ensure the best durability

Backed by a Money Back Guarantee

Unlike many other beauty courses that are non-refundable if you find that they are not going to be suitable for you, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our courses if you find that they were not what you expected (terms and conditions may apply). This means that you will get to try out our nail Technician course at absolutely no risk to you for the first 30 days.

Professional Nail Tech Classes

What are you waiting for?

If you have been dreaming about earning a little extra money on the side in your spare time or you have been thinking about starting your own beauty business, then our course will be suitable for you. Provided that you are willing to commit to completing each of the modules described above, you could be earning more money in as little as a week or two from now.

If you are interested in learning more about our accredited Nail technician course or you would like to view a few sample videos before committing to purchasing the course, you can do so on our website. We also offer convenient payment plans if you are not able to afford the full cost of the course upfront. Contact us today to find out more about becoming an accredited nail technician.