Nail Courses Online

The fastest way into the nail industry – and your rewarding new career – is to through an online nail course.

Why? Because you can learn in your own time so you don’t have to leave your current job, or wait for a course to start. You can learn our courses anywhere.

Studying a nail course online is by far and away better value than than attending a traditional school, mainly because we simply have far fewer overheads, and the cost is passed on to you.

Complete your nail course online today, go to our nail course page and get the full details or see all of our courses here.

If you have more questions about these courses, read on, we try to answer a few here. If you don’t find what you are looking for, go to our contact page here and ask, we will get right back to you.

How do online nail courses work?

We were one of the first to offer nail courses online, and have worked hard to develop our course over the years, and particularly on making it easy to sign up, easy to get the information and materials you need, easy to access the products.

We have developed a simple sign up process that gives you instant access to our members area, where you will access all of the course material for your chosen courses including the videos and your course assessments.

Once inside you will be guided from start to finish through your course in a logical and meaningful way that will enable you learn all of the techniques and skills that you need to thrive in the industry.

Once you have completed the course, you go through and assessment process so that we can assess your skills and award you your certificate of competency.

You are able to ask questions directly in the members area while you are doing your courses to get guidance and you can also see questions and answers that other students have asked.

We also have our new members forum inside where you can get further guidance, encouragement and inspiration.

What do you learn?

In our online nail course you will be taught all of the techniques you need to get a start in the industry and start making a great living.

You will learn the two most popular artificial nail systems which are: Acrylic, and UV Gel Nails.

You will also learn the quick dip system and a lot of supporting topics like sanitation and hygiene, anatomy, business related skills, different finishing methods and much more.

Full course details on our nail course are here.

Certificate of Completion.

An important feature of our online nail course is the certificate of completion. Once you have completed the course and successfully completed the assessments, we will award you your certificate of competence.

This certificate shows your competence in nail technology. It will assist in helping you get a job in the industry, and can also help in setting up your business as insurance companies require it for you to be insured.

The Certificate of Completion is vitally important and we will do everything we can to get you up to standard and able to get your certificate.

Will I need products to complete the course?

If you are completing your nail course with us, there will be some products and equipment that you will need. If you have ever had your nails done by a professional you will have noticed all of the specialised products and equipment that they used.

There are a lot of consumables and equipment that you will need. You may actually have a lot of them. We will also show you where to source products at the best prices (prices vary out there so you have to be careful) and we can even supply product kits that are very cost effective and have everything you need. Everything you need to know is inside the course.

Is it worth it?

That depends what you are after…..

If it is to earn a living, then yes it is worth doing a nail course. You can make a great living in any part of the industry, from just starting out working in a salon to running your own business. Imagine owning your own mobile nail service and making $50 or more per hour!!

Personally, you will enjoy your independence and freedom if you run your own business and you will be so personally satisfied knowing you have valuable new skills.

How do you feel when you get your nails done??? Pretty Good? Great? You can be giving people this feeling every day, while making a great living…

Are you ready?

Go to our courses page and learn about all of our courses and sign up today, you will never look back… Go here now…