10 Reasons to Start Your Beauty Career in 2021!!

We’re not going to sugar coat it: Last year was rough.

Between a manic bushfire season, the global pandemic, and economic downturn, there are a lot of things that got us thinking.

…Are we happy, where we are?

Because for many of us, 2020 has also been a chance to reflect on our lives – what we love about them, and what doesn’t suit us so well. If you’re anything like me, a career in beauty has always been the end goal. To be able to work on the beautification and maintenance of skin, nails, hair, or makeup is a dream.

What about you though? Has 2020 left you pining for the beginning of a new career in beauty? Well, we hear you. And we want to help. Here, we’ve listed our favourite reasons to start your career in the beauty industry in 2021. And believe me, these 10 reasons are just the beginning!


2020 gave us homeschooling and no babysitters, so you could be forgiven for wondering if there was a better job to work alongside your home life. The good news is that beauty therapy is always flexible. Even those that work in public salons are often able to work part time or schedule their appointments around home commitments. However, if you choose to work from home, you would gain even better control over your work schedule.


The last ten years has given us a wealth of new and exciting learning opportunities – especially in beauty. Gone are the days when Beauty School reigned supreme, with no other institutions to turn to. You can gain your beauty certifications in online and in-classroom short courses too, and your pockets will thank you for it. Becoming a qualified beauty therapist in under a year, for a nickle on the dollar? Sign us up.


Beauty careers build your creativity like the law builds arguments. You’re in good company if you dream of a profession that fulfills your artistic desires. Beauty therapists specialising in nails, makeup, lashes or brows all carry an artistry to their work, which takes precision and imagination. Which means it’s the perfect job for those of us who are not-quite-artists, dreaming of self expression without the confidence for an illustrator’s canvas.


I don’t know about you, but I’m all about making a good return on my investments. It’s not because I don’t want to put the money in – but I want to know it’s going towards something good. And, ideally I’d still be around to see the payout.

Beauty Therapists from across the world know the safe return of their profession. Business is always booming, which means there’s a market for almost anything. With the right effort and knowhow, you can open your own salon and be earning some serious money. And fast!

5.Self Employment

It is fairly straightforward to become a professional in the beauty industry. Which means that opening your own home salon, or freelancing, is not just reserved for those that have decades of experience in the business. It will take effort and some start up capital, but at a much lower rate than many of us imagine. Plus, loving the work you do is enough to make it worth it!


Anyone who works in the beauty biz knows that your day-to-day life is one hell of a ride. Working in a salon brings many exciting opportunities and challenges, not least of which is the varying work schedule. You might begin your day with a wax, move onto a facial and then into a bridal mani/pedi, all before lunch!

So your services are variable, but your clients, too, are different. Every client presents a fresh perspective and aesthetic, so you’ll always be working to incorporate that into your work.

7.Easy Start Up

So, we’ve covered your schooling in Reason #2, but what about your post-school start up? Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered too.

Most of the time, when we consider starting up our own business, it feels like an insurmountable goal. What about the time, the capital, the effort? Is it possible?

It’s certainly possible, and probably takes less than you imagine.

Starting your own home salon comes without the tax or insurance overheads that big salons require. You can work from a private space, fit out your salon as you see fit, work to your schedule, and market in your preferred method.

And, while you’re studying to earn your certification, you can begin to build your client base from your voluntary clients. Show them your dedication and passion for beauty, and they’ll certainly be back once you open up – and this time as a paying customer.

8.Prioritise Commitments

Your work shouldn’t ever get in the way of the rest of your life. You have other hobbies, commitments, dreams, and responsibilities that need attention. It’s reasonable to hope that you can continue to work on those while building your career.

Well, beauty therapy allows for that. It allows for flexible scheduling, freelancing, and after hours work depending on your particular needs and responsibilities. Because, you don’t have to operate under the traditional 9-5 business hours. People will come to you for a massage, facial, or any other beauty treatment at all hours of the day!

9.Grow Your Social Sphere

2020 has been tough on our social lives. Being holed up in our homes hasn’t really given us the opportunity to catch up with friends or mix with new people. But, starting your beauty career in 2021 could be the perfect remedy! Beauty therapy is client focused, and creative. When you bring those two characteristics together, they create a job that attracts people from all walks of life. Many of whom would likely have the same values and interests as you.

10.Fun, Relaxed, and Likeminded Work Environment

Beauty therapy is physically demanding, exhausting and requires your own work ethic and drive. However, it is also fun. It is exciting, and imbues your work environment with beauty, customer service, and a relaxed energy. Your job is to help others feel tranquil and at ease, and you can’t do that if your office is a ball of tension.

There you have it. 10 really good reasons to start your career in beauty in 2021. We’re not saying you have to wait that long either. If you’re hoping to start today, there are plenty of short courses that start as soon as you enrol. No waiting, no worries! – Just get an instant payment plan on this form!

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