15 Trendy Acrylic Nail Designs You Shouldn’t Miss

Acrylic nails are popular for being long with fun, bold and interesting designs. But these nails are not only great when they are super long but are also stunning with short nails. You are able to experiment with various lengths and designs that fit your lifestyle, mood and the occasion you’ll attend perfectly.

Today, allow us to give you 15 trendy acrylic nail designs that you can try, the most popular nail shapes for acrylics and more! You’ll be able to rock every outfit you wear on every occasion you attend and even on an everyday basis with the nail designs we present in the next sections.

Most Popular Acrylic Nail Shapes

Learning the most popular nail shapes allows you to have an idea of which design fits the nails you want. You can have either of these nail shapes, but it’s essential to understand which is better for you to achieve the best look. Here are five most popular acrylic nail shapes to check out:


If you’re not into curvy nail shapes, square nails are the perfect option for you. It has straight edges and sides, which are great for short and long nails. Not only that, square nails are the easiest shape, so your nail tech saves a lot of time when doing your manicure.


Stiletto nails are popular for their pointy and sharp tips. This nail shape works so well with acrylics because this is one of the most difficult shapes. Stiletto on natural nails will be tough because pointed shapes can weaken the nails. You can have stunning nails with stiletto whether you want a classic nude or a single shade.


Coffin looks similar to square but longer, and their edges are tapered forming a square at the tips. It doesn’t look as boxy in shape. What’s great about coffin is it looks good on everyone, offering a classy vibe like that of stiletto without the need for maintenance of a sharp tip.


Almond nails are like stiletto but don’t have really pointy and sharp nails. Their tips are rounded off to provide a gentler effect. They also need to be long and are fantastic with elongated short fingers as they make the nail beds look longer.


For individuals who love acrylic nails but want them short, round nails are perfect. This nail shape is formed like almond but more circular and commonly short for better functionality. It’s also great for people who have small hands and short fingers.

If you’re curious which nail shape ranks number 1 as the most in-demand, all of the above are. It’s only a matter of preference and which suits you best. You can have bold and shiny stiletto nails today and then downgrade on your next acrylic nail appointment to short round nails.

15 Fashionable Acrylic Nail Designs to Try

1. Matcha

Matcha is not only popular in drinks but also in manicures. It’s aesthetically pleasing and looks awesome on every nail shape. You can have it as a French tip or with more graphic designs.

2. Pink

Barbie’s influence won’t probably end as the cute pink acrylic nails are great for an everyday look or even on special occasions. The vibrant pink colour is eye-catching and perfect for short nails.

3. French

The classic French manicure is a perfect example of a design that will never go out of style. There have been many variations for this classy manicure, which are great as these fit many individuals. From micro to rainbow French, you won’t run out of stunning ideas.

4. Floral

Floral nail art is also another design that has been very popular for many years now. It displays femininity with a little bit of cuteness. You can have mini or macro flowers depending on your preference.

5. Ombre

Ombre is a perfect match with almond acrylic nails as it complements the shape really well. Pink, lilac and yellow shades are a wonderful combination, especially if you like pastel colours.

6. Black

Jet black nails are a classic choice as it showcases a beautiful and glossy or matte finish. The look will even level up if you paint it on long acrylic nails, giving you a sexy and sleek outcome.

7. Nude

If you’re into a minimalist design for your everyday look, nude acrylic nails are terrific. Just make sure to use a shade that complements your skin tone for best results.

8. Graffiti

An imperfectly perfect design is the graffiti nail look. You have the freedom to express your thoughts through your nails and have fun designing them. A playful look is great with long almond nails.

9. Chrome

If you want that metallic effect on your nails, a chrome design is magnificent. Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut is still a much-requested look, and you might have one chrome nail idea in mind that you want to explore.

10. Leopard Print

Love animal prints? Try leopard print nails! This amazing design is excellent on long acrylic nails. A leopard print on pink and grey nails is cute.

11. Neon

Bold and bright best describe neon acrylic nails, which are perfect for summer. But you can always have this regardless of the season. For a bolder pop of colour, paint your nails first with white to make the neon shade really stand out.

12. Extra-Long Nails

Having extra long nails can really make you stand out. It may be impractical but the undeniable
statement is there. The extra long nails are great with square or stiletto tips because your design looks great either going all out or having it minimalist.

13. Red

Just like jet black, red is one of the many favourite single bold colours. This shade perfectly fits any nail length, style and shape. You can opt for French tips or the classic red block colour.

14. Glitter Tips

Glitter tips are more like a micro French manicure, but this one is excellent for parties as it makes your nails look gorgeous. You’ll have a nude base and a tiny glittery tip that perfectly matches your every party outfit.

15. See-Through Claws

You always have the option to get clear acrylic nails and make your design look realistic. Floral prints are great with transparent claws as these give the illusion of having real flowers inside clear glass.

How to Take Care of Your Acrylic Nails

With proper acrylic nail care, you keep good-looking nails and prevent developing health problems. It’s not just your artificial nails but also your natural nails to avoid infection, injury or deterioration.

Treat Your Nails Gently

This is a basic rule for nails, artificial or not. You always have to treat your nails gently to avoid damage. This is especially true if you prefer extra-long acrylic nails. They shouldn’t be treated like a tool to break through tapes, lift objects or open cans. Once the acrylic nails are damaged, you also damage your natural nails, which can be really painful. Wear gloves when necessary to avoid nail problems.

Keep Your Nails Dry

This is also another essential rule to follow in taking care of your acrylic nails. Soaking your nails in water for long periods can loosen the acrylic’s glue, leading to lifting and even nail fungus. Loose nails can invite bacteria in that can lead to infection. Whenever you wet your hands, completely dry them. Wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning.

Don’t Use Acetone

It can be tempting to change your nail polish at home and use acetone to remove the product. But we strongly discourage this as acetone can deteriorate your acrylics. If you really want to change colours, make sure to use non-acetone-based nail polish removers. But if possible, visit a salon to change your polish to ensure the process is properly done.

Keep Healthy Skin Around Your Nails

Part of taking care of your nails is keeping the surrounding skin healthy. This area of the skin protects your nails from bacteria that can cause infection. Moisturise the skin using lotion or hand cream daily to prevent dryness and skin peeling.

Follow a Personal Hygiene Routine

Although we discourage too much exposure to water, it’s still advisable to wash your hands regularly to get rid of bacteria. Use antibacterial soap and rinse your hands properly. Apply a moisturising hand sanitiser afterwards to strengthen bacterial protection. Then, moisturise your hands.

Don’t Fix Your Nails at Home

In case of accidents that lead to acrylic nail damage, don’t try to fix your nails on your own. Seek professional help from a nail tech to ensure you won’t damage your nails even more. This is especially true if there is a wound involved that can be a breeding ground for harmful microbes.

Don’t Bite or Lift Your Nails

This is a no-no for artificial nails, even your natural nails. Biting or trying to lift your nails can damage both your natural and artificial nails. If you have a habit of biting your nails, try to control it.

Apply Moisturising Oil to Your Nails

Your nails need to be hydrated to make them flexible, preventing cracks. You can use cuticle oil or other types of moisturising oil, such as jojoba and rapeseed. Apply once a day on each finger and allow some time for your nails and skin to absorb the oil before doing anything else.

Paint Your Nails with a Top Coat

Paint your nails with a top coat at least once a week. This seals the microfractures or pits that may form and aids in keeping the finish of your nails. Apply a thin layer of the coat only as this is enough to seal everything.

Final Verdict

With the trendy acrylic nail designs above, you’re able to rock your overall look regardless of the occasion. You can even add your own twists if you want to explore more designs. So, start trying these trendy nail designs for your acrylics now and be bold, feminine or edgy!