21 Ways to Make Money From Home With Beauty

2020 has been an interesting year. For many of us, it’s the first time that something so drastic and life-changing as COVID-19 has struck our world. Businesses have been rattled, shaken, and in many cases, completely destroyed. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has signaled one major shift in lifestyle for all of us – both old and young. We’re being forced to spend a lot more time indoors.

For many business owners, this new dynamic has left them wondering what the point is in cramming workers into stuffy offices when they can quite clearly get their jobs done from home. We are undoubtedly entering a new era where more and more people are working remotely.

In today’s world, this lush lifestyle of opening up your laptop to begin the day’s work whilst still in your pajamas isn’t such an esoteric luxury as we might envisage. Thanks to the wonders of technology, making money from home has never been easier. So whether you’re already passionate about beauty, or if you’re looking to branch out into a new industry to generate some extra income from home, there are loads of options out there available to anyone, from the cosmetic amateur to the beauty professional.

In this article, we’ll be running through some of the best ways to start making money from home with beauty. But before we jump into the different ways you can use your skills, below are a few questions to ask yourself. Your answers will help you to determine which of the following methods best suits your needs.

What Do You Enjoy When it Comes to Beauty?

This is an important one to consider before moving forward. Passion and enjoyment drive success. If you’re enthusiastic about what you’re doing already then you’re bound to be more successful in the long run, since it won’t feel tedious you’re going to be more naturally committed to it.

Beauty is very much an umbrella term when it comes to professions. You don’t have to commit yourself to an area that you’re not passionate about, the beauty industry is brimming with different routes for you to take, so pick the one which stands out for you.

How Fast Are You Looking to Make Money?

If you’re looking to make money quickly and get the income ball rolling, you’re going to want to pick something which involves minimum investment and offers quick returns.

A couple of suggestions when it comes to options which are speedy in the money-making department are waxing or manicure treatments. Both of these are fairly simple to get going and give you the opportunity to start making some money off clients relatively quickly.

21 Ways to Make Money From Home With Beauty

These are, of course, just two options amongst many others. So, without further ado, let’s get into all of the choices available when it comes to making money with beauty from home.

1. Start a Home-Based Beauty Services Business (Home-Based Salon)

Many people today have at least some unused space in their homes, if not lots of it. Be it a spare bedroom full of old books and clothes that never got put away or a dining room which hasn’t seen much dining since the kids moved out, utilizing unused space by opening a home-based beauty service makes perfect sense.

What’s great about this option is that you don’t need the skills right off the bat. Since there’s going to be a period of time between deciding to build your at-home beauty salon and actually opening its doors to paying customers, you’ll have plenty of time to brush up your beauty skills.

Moreover, this can prove to be incredibly lucrative. Business ventures like this can spread both by word of mouth and by maintaining a steady and professional online presence.

So where do you begin? Well, first off, make sure there’s actually a gap in your local market. If there are already a couple of beauty salons open in your town, you’re going to be entering an already saturated market. In this case, it might be worth considering if you could bring something slightly more fresh and original to your local community. If not, perhaps reconsider your options.

Another thing worth considering when starting a home-based beauty salon is the aesthetic you’re going to choose. Try to make it stand out a little from the rest of your house to ensure a professional-feeling environment. See this as an opportunity to express your creative side. Switch on your right-side brain and build an environment that expresses both yourself and your values as a beautician.

If you’re struggling with ideas to craft the perfect look for your home-salon there’s plenty of inspiration available online like this article here.

2. Freelance Makeup Artist, Nails, or Eyelash Extensions

Freelancing is definitely the dream for certain people. If this word is new to you, freelance work is simply work performed by an individual for a company they are not employed by on a permanent basis. Generally speaking, freelancing falls under the category of self-employment.

The beauty of freelance work is the amount of control it gives you over your time and how you’re spending it. With freelance work, you’re at the helm, free to choose clients and projects at a pace that suits you, granting you the flexibility to increase or decrease your workload as you need to.

Obviously, this option isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for something more permanent, perhaps freelancing isn’t for you. Yet, if you do choose to set sail into the world of freelance work, why not consider becoming a freelance beautician?

You’ll find that being a freelance beautician gives you the opportunity to specialize in something which really interests you. In this sense, it is different to opening a home salon since you won’t need to worry about covering a plethora of beauty services – only those that you choose.

When it comes to specializing as a freelance beautician, you might want to consider more mobile options. This way, you’ll get to experience the freelance dream first hand – being able to both travel and work simultaneously since you’re not tied down to any particular area. The best options here are probably those under the category of makeup, nails and maybe even eyelash extensions since both of these will allow easy travel with everything you need to get to work.

Home or Freelance Beauty Services Businesses

3. Start a Beauty Blog

If it’s sharing your beauty-related wisdom which you are passionate about, venturing into blog creation may be the best step for you to take here.

The great thing with blogging is that it allows you to become more personal in your vocation. It’s a space that you can grow whilst maintaining your own vision at the center. On top of this, you’ll gain a following online, giving you the chance to build a community on the web which ultimately stems down to something which you yourself have created.

If this sounds like something which might interest you, a good place to place to start is to find a niche. This is key since niching down will give you a unique edge over competitors – of which there will be many. More, remember that your chosen topic will be what you’re writing about, so make it something that interests you.

Secondly, pick something which you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves online. There are a lot of blogs out there on the world wide web, so it’s important that yours stands out amongst the crowd.

Once you’ve picked your topic, get it out there! Make sure you stay committed and keep blog posts ticking along at a consistent pace. Again, online resources are your friend here when it comes to getting to grips with how to build and run a successful blog, and there are plenty of tips available out there for you to use.

4. Become a Beauty Writer

If you’re leaning towards the writing side of things but don’t necessarily want to go about it in a blog format, don’t feel like you need to let that go to waste.

If you have a skill such as writing, thanks to the internet, there are loads of really great options out there that’ll enable you to monetize your skills and diversify your revenue streams – all from the comfort of your desk.

As I said, the internet is the catalyst here when it comes to turning writing into money. Thankfully there is a great selection of sites you can sign up to and advertise yourself as a writer. From there, businesses and independent contractors will see your profile and the skills you can offer to them.

Like anything on this list, this can either blow up straight away or slowly build. Either way, you’ll undoubtedly see money coming in from jobs offered through these online platforms, all while being able to earn a living writing about your passion.

When it comes to the best websites to advertise your writing, three of the most used include Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr. All three of these will give you the opportunity to build a profile to reflect your skillset, which you can subsequently use to advertise and apply for freelance projects.

Become a Beauty Blogger or Writer

5. Start a Beauty Vlog

Another way you can present your beauty knowledge is as by way of a vlog – similar to a blog, but in a video format, hence ‘video-blog’. For this reason, it’s very similar to creating a blog in terms of image, content, and style.

If you’re good with a camera then this may be a great option for you. Indeed, sitting and talking in front of a camera isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t worry. There are lots of ways you can go about producing your videos.

You could, for example, stylize it as a voice-over narration vlog whereby you deliver makeup tutorials or product reviews without actually having to be on camera yourself.

I’m sure you’ve come across YouTube. It’s a great platform that allows you to start getting content out there free of charge whilst building an image-focused personal brand at the same time. Even if your online career only begins with YouTube and grows elsewhere the audience that platform allows you to build could prove to be priceless.

6. Become a Beauty Influencer/Brand Ambassador

On the topic of having an audience, if you’re in a position where you have an online following already, this could be a great thing to put to use when it comes to making money online with beauty.

Having a sizable audience is something beauty companies will find hugely attractive when they’re looking for people to promote their products. Not only does it present them an opportunity to reach new customers, but it also gives them a chance to utilize the rapport you have already established with your followers.

So if you’re sat reading along thinking this could be an option for you, then go for it! As an influencer, it’d be your task to, well, influence. You’d be promoting a product or a service offered by a beauty company and establishment and typically you’ll be paid an amount which correlates with the audience you’re advertising to.

If you go down the route of becoming a brand ambassador, you’re going to have a more consistent relationship with the business or client you choose to work with. Unlike an influencer-style post or story, being an ambassador involves you taking on their corporate identity and embodying their values in order to display the business or service in a positive manner. This could also be a potentially lucrative option, with the added bonus of providing more secure monthly revenue.

Vlogging Beauty Social Media Influencer

7. Become An Online Beauty Teacher

This option speaks for itself. Given the way that 2020 is unfolding, an increasing number of educational centers are opting for online methods of teaching. This is likely to be the way things will progress as well, with remote teaching having proven a perfectly viable method.

Given the abundance of online courses out there, there are a ton of opportunities for you to get involved in the coaching side of things. Whether it’s as a teacher or instructor, you can find a wide range of positions to suit whatever experience you’re looking for.

Especially if you choose to become a teacher, this position offers a real sense of reward – seeing your students learn and progress will undoubtedly leave you feeling accomplished and proud. On top of this, having been a beautician in a teaching capacity is great experience. It would look great on a CV as a demonstration of your ability.

8. Become a Beauty Tutor

Being a teacher is one thing, but many beauty students want to go the extra mile. Like any other subject nowadays, there’s a gap here for an additional instructor to step in as a tutor.

Thankfully for those looking to make money online, beauty is no exception to this. It’s a subject just like any other and for this reason, there is a market out there of individuals looking to find private tutoring. This presents you with another opportunity to make money online. You can either jump straight in if you feel qualified, or you can do an online course to brush your skills up before going into tutoring.

Like with the above option of becoming an online beauty teacher, being a tutor offers the same sense of reward, allowing you to help other passionate beauticians progress their abilities.

9. Becoming a Beauty Consultant or Advisor

This is a great opportunity for people with a pre-existing network of either fellow beauticians or friends and family who are interested in make-up and beauty. As a beauty consultant, you’re going to be responsible for marketing and selling products for a company from home.

The added bonus here is that quite often you’re going to receive free beauty care-packages from the company which you sell for. This gives your personal collection a little boost whilst also presenting a great opportunity to showcase to others what you’re selling.

Another good thing about this role is it gives you a chance to work with established beauty companies, building your network of connections which could prove beneficial down the line in your beauty career.

10. Online Assistants and Customer Service Roles

A less hands-on option but still a great way to get some income coming in from home is to become an online customer assistant. Businesses and salons alike deal with a lot of customers, and it can get difficult for their busy staff to stay up to date with all customer inquiries and issues.

Therefore, many businesses will look to outsource this and train others to deal with the customer service side of things – which presents you with a great opportunity to find some work.

Your job in these roles may vary slightly, perhaps you’ll be taking and managing the bookings for a local beauty salon. Or maybe you’ll get involved with large scale customer service operations – either way, you’ll have income coming in without needing to leave the house.

Online Beauty Consultant, Customer Service and Assistants

11. Review Beauty Products

Do you feel like you’ve got a lot to say about beauty products? Is there something which stands out so much to you that you simply must tell others about it? Then why not consider becoming an online product reviewer.

Beauty businesses are always keen to utilize at-home product reviewers. This allows them to get honest feedback from the demographic they’ll be targeting prior to putting their product out there. This means they’ll avoid possible brand-damaging slip ups by ensuring their product is as good as it can be before it goes on sale.

If you’re keen to get involved with this then why not have a quick look online, pop your email in and wait to hear back if you get selected!

12. Makeup/Beauty Product Tester

This one seems quite simple. With so many new beauty products coming onto the market all the time, companies are keen for people to try them out before sending them out on sale.

If you’re interested in staying up to date with make-up trends, or if you’re tempted by the idea of getting paid to use beauty products then this may be ideal for you. There’s a great array of companies which offer these kinds of positions, with plenty of information available out there.

Beauty Product Testing and Product Reviews

13. Create Video Tutorials

If you like to get creative then this might be a great opportunity for you. If a vlog isn’t your style, then why not consider creating video tutorials.

This gives you a chance to showcase your unique and interesting beauty routines, or to demonstrate how best to apply the latest palettes.

Like I mentioned earlier, YouTube is a great platform for content creators so it would make a great place to upload your beauty tutorials – not to mention, this one’s a really fun option. You get to play around with new styles and products whilst making money doing so.

The money here can come from multiple possible sources too, YouTube gives content creators advertising revenue. Or, if you’re able to establish a relationship with a beauty company, they may pay you to demonstrate their product in action.

14. Start a Beauty Podcast

A little like a beauty vlog, but gives you the chance to skip making a personal appearance behind the camera. Instead, if you choose to start a podcast you’ll be going about things in an audio-only style.

This one’s great if you’re chatty. Simply pick a topic, and a few talking points, then talk away. It’s even better with friends too, if you’ve got an idea for a co-host, such as an equally passionate beautician in your social circle, then get them involved!

If you commit to this, down the line you may have a chance to get some really interesting guests involved – and who knows, if things take off maybe you’ll get to sit down with one of your favourite beauticians. With regards to monetization, brand partnerships and sponsored shoutouts are the way to go – though you’ll want to build a sizable audience before this door opens.

Start an online Beauty Tutorial or Podcast

15. Create Your Own Beauty Product

Got an idea for your own beauty product? There’s never a better time than today to get started with a business venture of your own. This one may take a little more time, but with some backing from investors you may well be the next big name in the beauty industry.

So, if you’ve been sitting on a great idea for a while perhaps it’s time to get the ball rolling and turn that dream into a reality.

16. Create an Online Beauty Store

With the internet at your disposal, it’s never been easier to open up an online shop of your own. Ecommerce may be even more fitting if you liked the aforementioned idea of creating your own beauty product.

Setting up an online store with a site such as Big Cartel or Etsy is incredibly simple. On top of this, websites such as amazon and ebay allow smaller-scale selling operations without the need to establish a whole online store of your own.

Along with these options, if you aren’t keen on investing in inventory or lack room to store it then drop shipping may be perfect for you to look into.

Create a Beauty Product or Online Store

17. Take a Look at Airtasker

Another freelance-style option you could choose to pursue on your money-making expedition is Airtasker. Essentially, Airtasker enables you to outsource small tasks to others whilst offering payment for completion.

This site is definitely worth taking a look on every so often to see if anything takes your fancy, there’s a wide variety of jobs on there all the time so you’ll surely stumble upon some beauty work at some point.

18. Beauty MLM

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is similar to being a brand ambassador in many respects, you’ll be an extended arm of a larger company – responsible for both selling products and recruiting others to join your team.

There’s sometimes a bad stigma attached to this line of work, but still, people have made money good doing this. Often, your success depends upon if you have the people around to sell to.

Your income here is going to come from two possible sources. First off you’ll get a cut from any products which you sell, with the rest going to the company you represent. Secondly, if you recruit new sellers then you’ll often get money for bringing them on board.

Companies like Arbonne and Avon have a reputation in this field, so why not have a look and see if joining their team is for you?

19. Host Beauty Product Sales Parties

This is an extension of the multi-level marketing idea I mentioned above. Essentially, as the name implies, beauty sales parties involve hosting get togethers and parties where customers can come over to chat and mingle whilst buying products. This is part of what makes MLM a fun option for many, as you get to develop new social groups and broaden your network through exciting events such as gatherings.

Try Airtasker, A Beauty MLM or Sales Parties

20. Write Beauty Related Books

If you’re reading along thinking you’re knowledgeable about a range of beauty topics, or maybe you’ve been in the industry for a while now, why not consider turning your wisdom into a book?

There are already platforms out there for you to sell on, such as Amazon, and this could be a real money-maker. What’s great here is that once it’s written it’s not going anywhere, so you could see income coming in from a book for years to come.

21. Or Try an Audio Book

This one is an extension of the above, if you’re not too keen on the writing side of things then why not try making it an audio book instead?

With this you’ll be narrating the topic instead, i’m sure for some of you this is a much more exciting method of sharing your knowledge.

Write a Beauty Book or Audiobook

22. Become a Personal Shopper for Beauty Products

Do you enjoy shopping? If so, imagine getting paid to go shopping. Well, if you decide to become a personal shopper, this could become a reality.

Many people don’t like shopping alone for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps they just want someone to offer some advice on what works for them. That’s where personal shoppers come in.

Typically, in this role, you’d be employed by the business you work for and then get assigned people to shop with – this is a great one to get into if you like helping others to look great. It’s on the rise too, so why not make 2020 the year of personal shopping?

23. Beauty-Related Web Work

Do you have web skills that you’re not putting to good use? Skill sets such as graphic design, video production and editing are always in high demand. That said, this is something you could explore in a freelance capacity for beauty companies, or even full-time employment.

With this, you can go down any path you choose. You can choose how you decide to use your abilities, and these skills can open some really exciting doors, enabling you to work on some interesting and fulfilling projects.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get involved in redesigning your favourite company’s logo, or doing the videography for their next viral marketing campaign.

Beauty Personal Shopping and Web Related Work


So there you have it – a comprehensive list of the online money making opportunities available for you in the world of beauty. As you can see by now, there are lots of options for you to explore – so don’t be afraid to mix and match as you like. Many of these go hand in hand, too. You may start one job and end up with a network or clients which supplies you with work for years to come.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Making money from the comfort of our own home is a growing opportunity, so embrace it and see where the journey takes you.