9 Ways to Pull Off Short Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are always popular for being long and sassy, especially when added with nail art or accessories. In terms of nail shape, stiletto and coffin are the most commonly used, which are really stunning with long nails. But what about short acrylic nails? Not all long acrylic nails are ideal for everyone because many individuals want to keep their nails short.

Today, we are going to give you ways how you can really pull off stunning short nails and other essential information about this manicure. Without further ado, let’s begin!

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Before we present the multiple ways to have elegant and classy acrylic nails, allow us to go back a little bit to the basics. Acrylic nails are a combination of a powder polymer and a liquid monomer that are mixed together to form a paste-like consistency. The paste-like mixture is then applied to the natural nails and formed into the desired nail shape of the client.

Aside from the shape, acrylics can also be customised in length. Clients can have very long or short nails and even choose the colour of the acrylics used.

How Long Do Your Acrylic Nails Last?

With proper nail care, acrylic nail shape, preparation and application, the manicure can last up to 8 weeks regardless of the length. But when you compare short and long nails, the short ones tend to last longer. Shorter nails are more solid and durable that can stand wear and tear. Regardless, clients still need to visit the salon for infills to ensure the nails stay fresh and strong.

How to Pull Off Short Acrylic Nails in 9 Ways

You already may have the nail shape, design and colour in mind. But let us give you some awesome ideas you can incorporate into your design:

1. Matte

One great thing about short nails is you can show off your style without drawing eyes or making your nails really bold. This is why matte is excellent for short acrylic nails. The effect provides a subtle appearance but showcases lovely and chic colours. You’ll have a little bit of sophisticated flair and sexiness added to your overall look.

2. Glitter

We always think about long nails being glittery, but what about short nails? You can always showcase your glamorous style with short nails whether you want it loud or subtle. Go all out with glittery short nails without being too much!

3. French Tips

Why not try the classic French manicure? This beautifully fits long and short nails. It’s minimalist and complements the length of the nails very well, long or short. You can get creative and stylish with this manicure though by using different colours and designs.

4. Floral

You wouldn’t want to miss the popular floral designs! The flowery art makes short nails look fresh and really feminine. If you have been wearing classic or minimalist manicures and want to upgrade but not too much, having floral designs is a great option. You’ll have colourful nails that live against neutral and nude shades perfectly.

5. Cotton Candy Ombre

If you want fun, smooth and soft colours on your acrylic nails, the cotton candy ombre is perfect. It’s best if you feel like you’re always in the town’s best carnival or having a hard time choosing between multiple shades.

6. Classic Nude

If you prefer minimalist styles that rock your everyday life, classic nude acrylic nails are what you need. You’ll have a simple staple that fits any mood, outfit or event. This short acrylic nail idea doesn’t cry out for attention but is effortlessly beautiful.

7. Burgundy

If you’re into bold and confident looks, burgundy acrylic nails are great. The colour also gives a warm and rich glow, making short nails look comforting and lovely. You can wear this on all types of occasions.

8. Bedazzled Ombre

If you want another ombre nail option, this one is for you! You can look glittery and shining with a little bit of smoothness that fits your personality, lifestyle or any season. This nail idea allows you to go all out or simple with the accessories.

9. Nail Art

If you’re a fan of colourful, bold and artistic designs, nail art is the perfect option. You’re able to display your personality through the design or pattern you prefer as your nail tech combines beautiful and bold colours. Nail art is not only for long nails as you can showcase creativity even with short nails.

Common Nail Shapes for Short Acrylic Nails

Not all nail shapes are ideal for short acrylic nails. Stiletto and coffin shapes, for example, are best for long nails as these appear more beautiful with lengthy nails. With short nails, there are only two shapes that are great for your nails:


Square nails look similar to round nails but with straight sides, sharp flat tops and straight edges, creating a geometric appearance. These are created primarily for short nails and people with narrow nail beds. Their proportional cut provides an optical illusion that allows the overall look to have a wider appearance. With short square acrylic nails, you are able to showcase extra personality.


This is the simplest nail shape and is perfect for those who are into minimalist nails. Round nails look natural but provide a versatile and clean shape. These are great for any occasion and everyday look.

How to Choose the Best Acrylic Nail Shape

You won’t have any idea at all about the best nail shape that fits your preferences and lifestyle. That’s why you must consider these factors in choosing the ideal nail shape for you:


What’s your job? This factor is important in choosing the best nail shape because your nails can significantly affect your performance at work. If your work involves wearing medical gloves, for example, you should go for shapes without sharp edges, like square.

Nail Maintenance

If you prefer low maintenance with your acrylic nails, your nail tech is able to suggest a shape that’s durable without the need for high maintenance. Square nails are great even when your in-fills are past due because your nails will still look okay.


Of course, this is equally important as the other two factors. After all, our nails are one way of expressing ourselves. Do you prefer edgy or feminine nails? Knowing what you want helps you choose and combine the right colours for your design. However, you can combine the feminine and edgy vibes if you want to add some twists to your nails.

Which Nail Polish Should You Use?

The acrylic nail system can be coloured with any type of nail polish, whether gel or traditional nail polish. If you don’t want your nails to be exposed to UV light, traditional nail polish is the perfect product for you. But if you want your nail polish to last longer on your acrylic nails, gel is an excellent option.

Can Acrylic Nails Cause Damage to Your Natural Nails?

Acrylic nails are safe to use if your nails are healthy and strong. Also, if you take care of your nails by following the best practices, you’ll have healthy-looking and stunning nails throughout the lifespan of the acrylics. Keep your nails clean and dry, have in-fills and have them removed properly by a nail tech.

What about infections? Acrylic nails are generally safe if the application is done properly by a nail tech. If there’s damage to the artificial nails or you’re seeing a gap from your growing nails, infection may develop when there is no immediate action done. You need to visit the salon to fix your nails or let a nail tech apply in-fills. If you don’t, the space can be a breeding ground for harmful microbes that cause infection.

Why Do Your Hands Hurt After the Acrylic Nail Procedure?

Your nails may feel a little tight or sore after the acrylic procedure, which is normal. This is because of the hardening of the acrylic on your nails. It shouldn’t be painful, and if it does, it may be that your nail tech has over-filed your nails. Also, if you feel that your nails hurt every time you get them done, there must be a reason for that. You may want to consider changing your nail tech.

Are Acrylic Nails Likeable at First?

You may be surprised at how excited you were when you were still planning your nails and then all of a sudden, you find yourself not really feeling them when you already have them. This is normal for first-timers since you’re not yet used to your nails, which is perfectly okay. But with short nails, you’re able to adjust to your acrylic nails more easily than the long version as longer nails tend to get caught on things. So, start with short nails first to get the feel of the enhancement in your everyday life.

Do Acrylic Nails Break?

Yes, they do, but because of many factors. Proper care of your nails after the application procedure is key to a lasting set of nails. In case a nail breaks, don’t panic. Seek professional help as soon as possible. If a wound is present during breakage, you may want to let it heal first before having a replacement to prevent infection.

Why Choose a Reputable Nail Salon?

This is an important consideration when you get your nail acrylics done. A reputable salon has established a good image among its clients, which guarantees quality services. You may want to check the salon’s atmosphere, tools and equipment, staff and products to assess if they are what you’re really looking for. It’s extremely important that the staff are highly skilled and the salon strictly observes proper hygiene to ensure your nails are properly done.

Final Thoughts

You can always rock short acrylic nails equally as long acrylic nails. Have fun exploring and experimenting with designs, colours and patterns because the possibilities with how your nails look are endless. Seek professional services as much as possible to achieve quality results.