9 Beauty Career Myths Debunked!

We’ve all heard it right? The cautionary tale about a girl who dropped out of year 10 to pursue a career in hairdressing and is still sweeping floors at her aunt’s-family-friend’s salon with a bad back and a dead-end career.

The old superiority complex of university attendees has suffered in recent years, mostly due to the heavily marketable skills you can learn outside of a bachelor’s degree. The Beauty Industry is booming and with an economic turnover of $6.5 billion in 2018 it is a lucrative business.

If you’re hoping to work within the world of beauty and are coming up against claims of unsuitability, low pay, or lack of lifestyle and career progression, then read on! We’ll be your own personal Mythbusters, dispelling outdated ideas and misrepresentations of the Beauty industry.

Myth #1: Career Options are Limited

You are only as limited as your imagination. Beauty Therapists around the world are living their best lives while working. Yes, the general path is to work in a salon, but if that’s not your style, you can also work from home, a day spa, a cruise ship, as a freelancer, or in a resort. If none of those take your fancy, then consider the online beauty community. The amount of beauty related video views on YouTube jumped from 104 to 169 billion between 2017 and 2018.

Additionally, Beauty Therapy covers a wide range of skills and passions. This translates to the industry, where lateral movement is not only an option; it’s encouraged. You can make your start with one skill like Nails or Lash Extensions, and then add new services along the way. Not only will more diversification give you greater earning capacity, it will give you a much more varied work-day.

Myth #2: It is Only Viable If You Are A Specialist

This is nonsense. While there are many exciting opportunities to specialize, it is not essential to build a strong career. 90% of Nail Technicians in Australia earn $26.42p/h, and 75% of Waxing Technicians earn $28.10. These incomes are well above the minimum wage at $19.84p/h.

However, if you were to work for yourself, you would easily triple or quadruple the hourly rate as an employee.

The Beauty Industry rewards skill and experience, so your rates will continue to increase with time. Of course, if you wish to work in a specialty, the income will reflect the higher level of education. But if you enjoy the basics like doing nails, coiffing hair, and creating the perfect facials, then you are headed down a wonderful road!

Myth #3: You Won’t Make Any Money

As mentioned above, this is a scandalous falsehood. There are so many ways to earn money in the world of beauty, and even more so if you choose to work for yourself. Freelancing your skills can give you greater control over your rates and clientele.

As one of the newer beauty trades, Lash Technicians can make a very comfortable living! The average salary is approx $59,515 annually, but there are many earning $90,000 plus. This is much higher than the average administration office role ($54,592 per year).

Because of the wide range of services on offer within the Beauty Industry, success can come in many different forms: Selling your tutorials online, creating a line of products, pioneering a niche market, or opening your own salon. No rules apply, you can set up your trade in a way that works for you!

Myth #4: Beauty Therapy Is Difficult

As with all endeavors, Beauty Therapy does involve some theoretical knowledge. However, it is not rocket science! Most theory is learned with practical applications, so it is easy to grasp and well rounded.

To excel in this career, you will need to be knowledgeable on hygiene practices and sanitation, applications, styles, and creativity amongst other things. But if you pursue Beauty Therapy in short courses, each discipline (like Nail Technology) can be mastered within 4-6 weeks!

Myth #5: You’re Too Old To Start Your Career In Beauty

If it is something you enjoy, then you are never too old to start. There are countless stories of people who changed their career at 30, 40, 50 – even 60 years old!

Most importantly, you have life experience to offer. There is something so comforting in knowing you’re in the hands of someone who has lived. Many young Beauticians are unable to offer the same customer service, because they simply do not have your skill or experience.

There is nothing so exciting as finally pursuing your dream. Go for it!

Myth #6: You Have To Study At Tafe

False. The Australian Beauty Services Industry has been deregulated since 1986, which means you are not bound to a full Diploma or Tafe Course…

And what better place to learn than from the comfort of your own home? Online training has come a long way within Beauty Services, and can offer you the guidance and education you need.

At Beauty Courses Online, the focus is on Skills-based training, so that upon graduation you will have the certification and skills to be successful in this industry. You will be salon ready.

Myth #7: Beauticians Aren’t in Demand

Beauty is one of those rare commodities that seems to survive everything. Since the days of Cleopatra’s milk baths and Marie Curie’s radium salts, the world of beauty is ever evolving, regardless of economic downturns.

And where there is supply, there is demand!

Beautification spans centuries and economic circumstances. On top of that, during recessions there tends to be a turn towards disposable incomes. When life gets tough, people WILL spend money on things to make them feel better. It is easy to justify the expense of a haircut, skin treatment, or hair removal in those circumstances.

All future projections point towards continued growth for the Beauty Industry. Occupations are on the rise and are expected to grow as much as 20% by 2024.

Myth #8: You’re Not Pretty Enough To Study Beauty

This is a difficult myth to debunk, because it plays on your insecurities. However, let’s take a moment to dispel these fears. Beauty Therapy should enhance the natural beauty of any client or consumer. It is the art of nail decoration, the science of lash extensions, the anatomy of a relaxation massage, and the psychology of creating a moment of luxury and self-care for your client.

It is the pursuit of beauty in all things. Your passion and excitement for the care of your client will recommend you above all things.

Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to study Beauty Therapy!

Myth #9: You Cannot Study Beauty Because You Are A Man

Thankfully, this myth is no longer a common belief. The talents of YouTube Beauty Influencers like James Charles, Robert Welsh, Brad Mondo, and Hyram have paved the way for more men to get involved in beauty services.

At the moment, only 3% of all Beauty Therapists in Australia are male, which gives up-and-coming beauty therapists a brilliant opportunity to cater services with a unique perspective.