COVID19 Changes You’ll See in Beauty Salons

While beauty salons around the country may have been given the go ahead to start opening soon, it’s important for clients to remember that their salon experience may no longer be the same as it was prior to the pandemic.

Beauty salons will have limits imposed with regards to the amount of clients and employees who can be inside the premises at the same time. Clients will also be required to provide current contact details to facilitate quick and easy tracing in the event that anyone tests positive after being at the salon.

Salons will make changes due to COVID 19

Before lockdown occurred, many salon clients had become used to back to back appointments and being able to arrive five minutes early. However, strict new regulations mean that slots of 15 minutes may be required after each appointment so that workstations can be thoroughly sanitised between clients. It will also help prevent clients from coming into direct contact with each other.

Below are a few examples of some of the other changes that salon clients can expect to see when arriving for appointments in the foreseeable future.

1. Facemasks are Strongly Recommended

Clients who have salon appointments are strongly urged to wear the appropriate facemasks, as this will help prevent the unnecessary spread of germs and potential virus pathogens. Exceptions can be made for clients who are unable to wear facemasks for medical reasons.

Some salon managers are recommending that clients download the Covidsafe app that will remind them to cancel or postpone their appointments if they are not feeling well.

2. Fewer Appointments will be Available

While many clients became used to securing appointments quite quickly with their favourite salons or beauty therapists – in some cases on the same day they requested them, they may now have to be willing to wait just that little bit longer for that nail job or relaxation massage. Fewer appointments will be available for the foreseeable future due to the additional sanitisation that is required.

3. Additional Sanitisation and Hand Washing

One aspect that clients and salon employees will have to become used to from here on is additional hand washing. Many salons will be insisting that clients wash their hands thoroughly or apply sanitiser to them before being allowed to enter the premises.

Most beauty salons have been using hospital grade disinfectant products for several years already, and clients will most likely see employees working with disposable gloves, gowns, files and buffers as well.

4. More Mobile Service Options will become Available

As more clients become uncomfortable with having to visit physical salons due to the spread of the virus, this has opened up a number of opportunities for beauty therapists to start offering mobile services instead.

Not only do mobile salon services make a lot more sense in that no expensive rental properties will be required; it also reduces the risk of exposure to the virus for each client – which is especially beneficial for anyone who may have compromised immunity or other serious health conditions.

5. More Events will be Moving Online

Wherever possible, virtual events are replacing events that would have been live. Some salons are using online events to keep in contact with their clients until such time as they are able to open and provide their service offerings again.

6. Adherence to Government Regulations and Restrictions

As infection levels continue falling, government regulations and restrictions regarding the opening of beauty salons will be amended accordingly. Clients could find that some salons will not only have their therapists wearing disposable protective equipment; in some salons, screens may have to be set up between workstations as well.

7. Your Beauty Career will be Secure

While a number of other industries may be shedding jobs by the thousands, beauty therapists will be able to rest assured that they will always be needed because there is no way that their service offerings will be able to be performed online.

This means that as a beauty therapist, you’ll be able to continue providing clients with a range of services for a long time to come.

Although clients will have to get used to several changes being made with regards to their beauty salon visits in future, everything is being done to ensure that their safety and that of employees remains a top priority during this challenging time.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a beauty therapist or you’d like to update your existing training, contact us today. We will be able to assist you with an extensive range of online beauty training courses that will help ensure that you remain updated with the latest industry trends and changes.