How to Put on French Tip Acrylic Nails

If you’re always on the go and don’t have much time to visit the salon but constantly want fashionable nails, press-on nails are an awesome option. The great thing about these fake nails is you can easily attach them on your own and won’t need to ask for professional help. So, whenever you’re at home resting from your long day’s work, you can spend your time enjoying doing your nails.

In this article, we will give you a simple guide to apply French tip acrylic nails and tell you how long these last and some other relevant information you should know about these fake nails. Let’s start!

What Are French Tip Acrylic Nails?

These are artificial nails that are pressed on the natural nails simply for beautification and enhancement. They are also popularly called press-on nails, and in general, they are made of acrylic resin in various designs, colours and shapes. You can put press-on nails using their attached adhesive strips, double-sided glue strips or nail glue. These nails also come in different sizes to fit each finger to give you options in choosing the best fit.

With French tips, there are nails that are already designed with a French manicure. You can also opt for clear press-on nails and paint them later with sheer pink as the base and bright white as the tips.

Manufacturers of press-on nails created these products for home use, which is done in minutes. One interesting thing about this product is some brands have reusable nails, so you can just re-apply nail glue on them once you need a re-application.

How Long Do French Tip Acrylic Nails Last?

Press-on nails can last up to two weeks with proper nail care. Wear gloves when needed, avoid nail biting and don’t attempt to lift the fake nails. These are some of the best practices you must follow to maximise your nails’ longevity.

Why Get Fake French Tips?

Artificial nails, like acrylic French nails, have their own pros and cons. With acrylic press-on nails, here are the benefits you can get:


Press-on nails are one of the most affordable nail products on the market. You can save a lot for this product than going to a salon for a manicure. With proper nail care, you don’t need to worry about your nails for two weeks.

Easy to Use

This is another popular reason why press-on nails are great. The application procedure is not complicated even if you’re a first-timer. In minutes of application, you already have a fantastic set of new nails!

Has Various Shapes and Sizes

Press-on nails have a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit different types of people. You can choose a set that fits well with your lifestyle. Also, there are different colours you can choose from to match your mood or everyday look.

Natural Look

With French tips, achieving a natural look is easy. With a pink base and a bright white tip, your nails look classy and minimalist.

6 Steps to Attach French Tip Acrylic Nails

1. Choose the Right Fake Nails

One of the key factors in keeping lasting manicures is choosing the highest quality products on the market. You also reduce the risk of damaging your natural nails when you use quality fake nails. Get those that are made of quality materials and have a great fit on your nails.

2. Prepare Your Nails

This is a basic step but extremely important in keeping lasting nails. Aside from quality products, preparing your natural nails allows the fake nails to stick firmly. Trim and buff your nails, remove excess skin, push back your cuticles and apply acetone to your nails to get rid of any product residue.

3. Choose the Right Nail Size

Once your nails are ready, it’s time you start choosing the French tips that fit your nails best. These fake nails may not exactly fit your natural nails, but there are always the best matches.

4. Apply the Tips to Your Natural Nails

This step is where you put on the French tip acrylic nails. There are two options for you to do here: you can use the adhesive of the tips alone or add a little bit of nail glue for a stronger grip. So, if you opt for the latter, make sure you have the glue ready before you even start the application procedure.

To start, get one tip and peel off the cover of the adhesive. If you choose to add nail glue, put a small amount of the product on the tip. Press the tip on your nail from the base upward. Make sure to press the sides and middle to ensure the entire tip holds firmly on your natural nail. Keep the pressure on your nail for at least 30 seconds to secure the tip. Repeat this process for your other nails.

5. Paint Your Nails

Skip this step if your fake nails are already designed with a French manicure. Once your nails are settled, you can start painting them with sheer pink for the base and then white for the tips. You can also explore other colours and paint your nails based on your preference. Nude shades are great as a base and neon colours are perfect for tips. Allow the polish to dry for a few minutes before going to the next step.

6. Seal Your Press-On Nails (Optional)

This step is optional for press-on nails already designed with a French manicure. But if you want to secure the fake nails even more and have to do the previous step, you need to apply a thin layer of a top hardener coat. This also makes your nails look shinier and offers a better finish. Make sure to wait for a few minutes to let the top coat dry.

Do Acrylic Press-On Nails Cause Nail Damage?

Acrylic press-on nails are generally safe for most people as long as the natural nails are healthy and properly prepared before the application. You will only experience nail damage if you peel them off forcefully and don’t follow the best practices for keeping lasting nails, such as exposing your fingers to chemicals or water for too long.

Also, you should properly remove the fake nails using acetone or other safer means, such as soaking your nails in warm and soapy water for 15 minutes. Make sure to completely remove any glue residue as this can cause damage when left for too long on the natural nails. Any residue can dry out your nails, making them brittle and weak.

Factors to Consider in Making Fake Nails Look Real

Choose the Perfect Nail Size

Choosing the right size is perhaps the most essential consideration in making fake nails look real. If the nails are too small for you, they may look like they are for children. Too big tips, on the other hand, can look creepy like they are for a Halloween costume. The ideal size is those that are slightly larger than your nail beds.

Get a Shape That Complements Your Hands

Your nails are like your clothes – they should flatter your hands. Nail shapes complement different nail beds. If you have wide and short nail beds, square or oval press-on nails are great for you. But if your nail beds are narrow and long, stiletto or almond shapes are stunning for you.

Opt for Natural Colours

Of course, always look for press-on nails with natural colours. In terms of French tips, they are indeed created to mimic natural nails. Nude and light pink are the best shades for natural-looking nails.

Go for Good-Quality Adhesives

Make sure that your fake nails have adhesive that can strongly hold onto your natural nails. You don’t want your nails to fall off when shaking hands, for example, because your fake nails’ adhesive is low quality.

How to Choose the Best Acrylic French Tips

We always want the best products for our nails. That’s why we should ensure to check the items we are interested in before buying them. Here are some considerations you should know:


What is your lifestyle? If you have a busy one, you must get fake nails that won’t quickly break and are easy to apply or remove. Your nails should be durable enough to match your lifestyle, especially if it includes computer work or heavy household chores.


This is also an important factor in choosing the ideal fake nails. Going for expensive products can be tempting as most of them are made of high-quality materials. But if you have a limited budget, you can opt for the not-so-expensive option with great quality. Also, if you include nail glue, buy one that fits your budget but also has good quality.

Trying Products

Make sure to test the products yourself before purchasing them. This helps you assess whether the item you’re interested in is the best match. If the nails look natural and fit well, then they are surely the right ones for you.


Another important aspect to consider in choosing the best acrylic French tips is the product’s quality. There are things you need to check out to see if the tips are of great quality, such as the adhesive, packaging and the nails’ appearance.

Does the product have strong adhesive? Is the packaging of the nails presentable? Do you like the look and feel of the artificial nails? These are some of the questions you need to answer in checking for the product’s quality. If the answers satisfy you, then the product must be the best match for you.

Final Verdict

French tip acrylic nails are a great option if you want a natural look that’s quick to apply. It can be easily done at home, which is ideal for busy individuals as well. In case anything happens while in the process of application, never hesitate to ask for a nail tech’s assistance.