Nail Courses

Our complete nail courses give you all you need to start working in the beauty industry, or just as a nail technician. Our courses are delivered online and allow you the flexibility and cost savings you need to make it easy.

Our nail technology course covers: Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails and Glazed Nails along with many other essential skills like hygiene, preparation, after treatments and more.

We can get you up and running and into the industry fast….. Our courses can be completed in weeks and you will end up with the skills to perform a range of services to a high level.

If you need to know more about nail courses in general, keep reading, or click here to see our online nail course.

What is a Nail Course?

A nail course, or a good nail course like ours, will teach you the skills to perform all of the different services in nail technology, to a standard that people will happily pay you good money for.

You will learn the basics from pre treatments, to building acrylic and gel nails to finishing treatments and glazed nails. You will also learn the theory behind the techniques and extras like hygiene and business skills.

The two main nail technologies explained:

Acrylic Nails: These are the more common of the two, mainly because they have been around much longer. During the process, acrylic (a mixture of liquid and powder mixed during the service) is applied to create extensions and shape. The acrylic mixture hardens very quickly and can then be further shaped and smoothed and finished and an almost unlimited number of ways.

Gel Nails: The most common form of gel nails that is taught is UV Gel, that is a gel that is applied to the nail, much the same way and purpose as the acrylic nails, and then cured (hardened) using a UV light. This is by far the most popular Gel method to date.

No light gels work by having a gel activator applied to them to cure – the activator is usually sprayed on or applied using a brush.

Once cured gel nails can be shaped and finished the same as acrylic nails.

What are the different way you can complete a nail course?

Nail technology services have been around for decades. And like most trades, in years gone by, you learnt by attending classes – in beauty schools or schools dedicated solely to teaching nail technology.

All course materials, instruction and assessments are done at the school and attendance at fixed times is mandatory. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to the traditional method, the distinct advantage being the hands on instructions that can be achieved at a physical beauty school.

BUT….. there has been massive advancements in distance learning over the years, across all industries, issues associated with not attending an actual school have been minimised and overcome – especially with the emergence of the internet. Online nail courses have revolutionised the way people learn this trade much the same way the internet has revolutionised the way we do almost everything else.

Some of the popular methods of learning that you would have no doubt heard of are:

Nail Courses Online: Online is now the absolute best method of distance learning and has changed the way people learn forever. Nail courses are no different. Courses are able to be delivered that give you all the instruction that you need, and all the assessments to get you skills to a professional level. more here…

Nail Courses by Correspondence: these courses have been around nearly as long as the industry itself. These days it is a bit of a broad term that can cover different things including online courses but essentially, correspondence courses are ones that you do not do at the school, you do them remotely.

Nail Courses From Home: as the name sais, these are nail courses you can do from home. This is possible with either of the above.

There there are also variations to these concepts and nail courses in general, such as short nail courses, but we’ll cover that another time.

Possible Careers in nail technology.

Nail technology is one of the most exciting segments of the beauty industry. You can go almost anywhere. If you skills are up to scratch, as they will be if you attain our nail certificate, you will be able to work in the industry in salons (or start you own), you could have your own business as a mobile nail service or you could even work overseas – there is demand all over the world.

How to get started.

It’s easy, just go to our courses page, and choose the course that’s right for you. You could do the nail course by itself, with other subjects or as part of the full course. Go to the courses page now.