21 Reasons Why Working in the Beauty Industry is Amazing!

We’ve all seen them. Those lifestyle gurus with incredible hair and gorgeous-yet-comfortable wardrobes. The Beauty Therapists: Make-up Artists, Massage Therapists, Facialists, Beauty Specialists, Beauty Editors and beauty-bloggers. The beauty-makers, and confidence boosters. They live a life of art and transformation.

Have you ever wanted to try it? To step into the creative field of beauty therapy, and devote yourself to the beautification of others? I mean, it’s got a nice ring to it. Like a job, but make it fashun. That office job you’ve had for the last five years is beginning to look like an old shoe in comparison (beauty therapy can only be described as a beautiful pair of Louboutins…but I digress)

In case you need further convincing (or already have one foot out the door, but you’re still clinging to the safety of that old shoe), we have compiled 21 reasons why working in the beauty industry is amazing…and why you should try it..

Reason #1: Create Your Own Vision

The most exciting aspects of branching into beauty are the boundless possibilities for self-employment. You can work in a home salon, your own clinic, as a freelancer, or for a company that gives you creative freedom in your client consultations.
In Make-up Artistry specifically, the range for creating your brand is enormous. Online platforms are inundated with makeup tutorials, looks, and beauty reviews, launching many brands into the stratosphere.
Beauty gives you the opportunity to find a niche, settle in and explore it. Or, you can move about and widen your understanding of different services and products. The Beauty World is your Oyster!

Reason #2: Accommodating Work Schedule

If you’re anything like me, the average 9-5 hours loom over you like a bad dream. The work is fine, but your schedule itches and you just want to sit outside and soak up the sun in the mornings.

Beauty careers are often incredibly accommodating to shifting and changing schedules. Only 32% of Beauty Therapists in Australia work full-time, leaving 68% that enjoy part-time hours.

More importantly, if you are self-employed you can work the hours you want. There’s nothing stopping you from booking appointments on weekends or after hours. In fact, since many clients will be committed to full-time hours, they will often prefer after-hour appointments.

Reason #3: Limitless Creativity

Cat Eye, Cut-Crease, Contour, Highlight, Smokey-Eye, Bold-Lip, Vampy, Fresh-Faced, Bronzed.

There are so many ways to embrace creativity within the world of beauty. While we’ve focused on creativity in makeup, there are also incredible innovations in skincare, spa treatments, and non-makeup related beautification. You are only bound by your education and imagination.

Reason #4: Community

Beauty is people-led. So it follows that in your journey, you would come across many other passionate beauty therapists and enthusiasts, who will inspire and challenge you on your way. The beauty community can be enormously helpful in achieving your goals and expanding your knowledge.

Not only that, but if you have lived a sheltered life, the beauty community will bring new and wonderful ideas, beliefs, and people into your world. It’s flamboyant, inclusive, and (of course) beautiful.

Reason #5: Lateral Jumps

One of the reasons we believe so many beauty therapists are so fulfilled in their careers is because of the many ways you can move to different fields. Tried being a Make-up Artist, but found you’re really interested in giving skincare advice? Become an Esthetician. Tried Massage Therapy and loved working with the body, but it was rough on your hands? Specialize in Reflexology.

The field of beauty is wide, and ever-expanding to include new specialties and research. No matter where you start, if your passion is beauty, you will find an area that suits your specific passions and interests.

Reason #6: Branding

Whether it is make-up, skincare, massage oils, aromatherapy, hair removal wax, or innovations in current technologies; the beauty sphere is always crying out for something new. Releasing a product line, creating a tool, or even innovating a technique: Many beauty therapists have garnered huge success by informing their brand identity with innovation.

And, with the advent of the online beauty community, you have the opportunity to obtain truthful and realistic reviews. This may sound daunting, but if you have done the hard work, it can also create the perfect sales pitch. The public are more likely to believe the words of their online peers than an ad specifically targeting their demographic.

If you want to work in the beauty industry and one day develop your own brand, the current market is an enthusiastic one. Many consumers are turning to independent brands for a new perspective on beauty products.

Reason #7: Dress Code

Pantsuits not required.

Beauty Careers offer the perfect opportunity to reflect your specific style and creativity in your uniform. You can wear whatever you enjoy, and remain comfortable enough to do your work effectively.

You may decide on a black outfit because you feel most comfortable, and believe it gives your client the best impression. Or, perhaps you love a light, floral dress and find it perfectly reflects your ideal aesthetic. Either way, it is your decision.

Reason #8: Affordable Education

There are so many ways to learn how to become a beauty therapist. While the traditional route is through beauty school, you can also study your subjects online or through distance education. Or perhaps find an apprenticeship at your local salon.

It may take a little bit of research, but there are many affordable study options, depending on your available time and resources. If you would like more information, check out our article How to Become a Beautician From Home.

Reason #9: PR Lists

If you’ve spent any time in the online beauty community, you’ll have some notion of online PR Lists. It is a list of Beauty Influencers who are sent products by launching brands or product lines. They try out the products and offer reviews for their audience.

It is a clever PR move by any beauty brand, but it also means that Beauty Influencers are ‘gifted’ a whole lot of makeup and skincare that can go in their kit or for their home stock.

However, you don’t need to have a spectacular online presence in order to have access to PR beauty products. Beauty Professionals that are known within the industry are often sent promotional material to try. This is a wonderful perk for anyone who loves to experiment with new formulas and ingredients!

Reason #10: Self-Fulfillment

Whether you prefer the study of skincare and vitality, or hair removal services, you are in control of your responsibilities and pursuits.

Even more so, many estheticians making a name for themselves in the industry have combined their love of beauty with another interest, such as alternative medicine or electrical current technology.

So, what inspires you? What are your unique interests, pursuits, or goals? More importantly, could you find a way to marry your hobbies with beauty, and create a new service for your clients? Your interests outside of beauty could become a niche treatment that propels your business to greater success!

Reason #11: Consultant Opportunities

The life of a beauty therapist is often a mix of regular clients and one-off treatments. While this provides a wide scope for human connection, it can be disappointing to not be able to see your client’s beauty-specific improvements.

As a consultant to an individual, often celebrities, you would be advising on the best routines and care for one particular client, and be privy to their beauty transformation, whatever form that takes.

Also, as a beauty consultant your earnings will be much higher than in most beauty therapy careers, and subject to your approval. Freelancing comes with its own set of enviable perks!

Reason #12: Word of Mouth

Beauty Therapy is one of those wonderful careers where, if you are well-practiced and presented, your services will be in high demand simply by word of mouth. No matter if you are a make-up artist specializing in weddings, or a massage therapist with the most soothing touch, your business is sure to grow.

Though we would always recommend doing your own promotional work, beauty therapy often allows the work to speak for itself. Your clients will recommend you to others, and keep returning if they love what you do.

Reason #13: Required Services

Have you been to a wedding, or Debutante Ball where make-up services weren’t required? And a holiday resort where massage therapy wasn’t offered? Have you ever seen the ‘get ready’ list of a woman preparing for a big event? A Nail Salon when summer is coming up? Or, a Wax Specialist?

These occupations are necessary to almost everyone. Men and women alike have their own maintenance and beauty standards, and the roles of beauty therapists are always needed.

Reason #14: Job Security…For Centuries

As discussed in Reason #13, the services provided in the beauty industry are always required in our society. But, this is not a new thing. The beauty industry has lasted since ancient times, and spanned across almost every culture, no matter how remote. The Ancient Egyptians used to employ barbers and massage therapists, and sugaring (hair removal) specialists. This industry is old and has stood the test of time.

No matter our economic growth or failure, we will spend our money on things to make us feel and look good. Beauty goes beyond the superficial and is ingrained in our psychological well being.

So, as a beauty therapist, your income, focus, and fulfillment are built on a rock-solid foundation.

Reason #15: Variety

We know many struggle to focus on the same task day-after-day-after-day. For people who need variety in their work life, a normal office role can be underwhelming. In beauty, it doesn’t matter what services you provide, you will always be switching gears to accommodate your client’s needs and goals. The looks in makeup artistry, the customized facials in spa treatments, the balance between deep tissue and relaxation techniques in massage therapy: Your work is always fresh and new because it depends entirely on your clients.

Reason #16: Working Holidays

Beauty Therapists are required in clinics and department stores, but that’s not all! If you have wandering feet and enthusiasm for travel, why not apply to work at…well any resort around the world? Hotels and resorts have been offering relaxation-based beauty therapy for decades.

If you are a seafarer at heart, what about a cruise ship? The luxury cruises these days also offer deluxe beauty treatments for sunburnt travelers and holidaymakers.

Your options for work are endless. Getting paid to be in a beautiful, far away place? Yes, please.

Reason #17: Learn Your Own Self-Care

For most of us, our passion for beauty was ignited because we wanted to be beautiful ourselves. We want to have that glowy skin, that perfect cat-eye, or that gorgeous tan.

When studying & practicing beauty therapy, you are the first canvas you will ever work on. Not only can you apply the techniques you’ve learned, but you can prevent premature photo-aging and skin conditions. This knowledge is such a gift to our self-esteem and confidence. When working in beauty therapy especially, it creates an air of wisdom in your recommendations and treatment applications.

Reason #18: Constant Growth

The beauty industry is constantly growing, and is projected to expand by 20% between 2019-2024. No matter where you begin, you will be a part of a developing industry burgeoning with new ideas, visions, and enthusiasm. This means there is a lot of room for niche services and treatments on the market, no matter how unique!

Reason #19: Develop Communication & Empathy

In beauty, you will be connecting and listening to clients all day. Listening to their stories, insecurities, and their excitement. As a therapist, no matter your field, your job will help develop your communication, and empathy with your client’s concerns.

Since there may be clients that have unique combinations of skin issues or goals, you need to establish problem solving and creativity so everyone leaves your care feeling truly pampered.

Being able to relate and communicate with your customers effectively will enhance the success of your business and related products. It is the best sales technique!

Reason #20: Ties to Entertainment Industry

The beauty industry has long had very deep ties to the entertainment industry. Many of our makeup and beauty practices gained popularity because of Hollywood, and the glamour it represents.

Today, there are makeup artists, hairstylists, estheticians, massage therapists, and fashion moguls who work exclusively for red carpets and film sets.

If you have a love of beauty and the glitz of the entertainment industry, this could be the perfect career for you!

Reason #21: Instill Confidence, Promote Self-Love

There are many stories of beauty therapists giving their clients the confidence they needed. Either by make-up, skincare, helping their posture, hair removal or shaping, nail beautification, skin tone, and texture, or defining their lashes – beauty therapists play a huge role in making people feel their best.

We never know what others are going through. Perhaps they’ve received some devastating news and needed some time to process. Perhaps they are a young mum who never gets any time to ‘beautify’ and has lost her confidence.

Everyone deserves to feel the courage that beauty therapy gives. As a beauty therapist, you will be at the forefront of promoting love and self-acceptance, by helping others see their own beauty.

There it is! 21 Reasons to Work in the Beauty Industry. We won’t lie, there are many, many more reasons to love working in beauty. Most importantly, we don’t think you’ll ever be disappointed by a life devoted to creating and enhancing the beauty of others!